3 Amazing Startup Business Products That Can be Profitable

startup business ideas

Starting a new online business might be risky as you don’t know which niche would be best for you and can generate a good profit. Creating an online store and then promoting it on Search Engines and Social media is not a difficult task. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional web developer who can develop an online store for you and can list your products as well. But the main problem is what you need to sell at your online store? Will people show interest in the products you are going to list on your site or not?

Anyone planning a startup business will surely don’t want to take much risk, so the best thing is to search on other online stores targeting your area. Like if you want to sell your products in India, you should find top online stores in India and make a proper study which products are in top-selling lists? You can also take help from Google Trends to study the interest of people during a time duration. It will give you amazing startup business ideas that can be profitable for you and you can make a lot of money by your startup.

Here are few startup business ideas that can generate profit for you:

Power Bank

If you search for Power bank on Google trend you will find that India is at the top during last 12 months. It means the demand of Power bank is very high in India, that because of the electricity problem in the country. So if you invest in buying some good local and imported power banks from different whole sellers or you can buy a lot from Ali Express, you can make a good profit by selling the power banks online. According to a study, an expected growth up to $25.16 billion USD is expected in Power bank industry by 2022.

Mobile Accessories

Search for mobile accessories on Google trends and you will see that Pakistan and India are top 2 countries with this trend. So you can add different mobile accessories to your online store. These accessories might be the mobile covers, flip cases, tempered glass protectors, mobile phone charges, back covers, earphones and anything else related to mobiles. Power bank can also be considered as a mobile accessory but its somehow different product. But, both could be a good addition to your business as a startup.

Women Jewellery

Adding Women Jewellery to your online shopping store would also be a good idea as India is again at the top in Google trends with this term during the last 12 months. There are different types of jewelry for women and you can add a wide range of ornaments. The profit margin is also very high in jewelry so it could be the best option with power banks and mobile accessories for your online store.

There are many more products which you can find using Google trends for your country, and depending on the results you can select which products you should add to your startup business to make a good profit.


Faran Akhtar is a Computer System Engineer and he loves to write on technology, especially mobiles and laptops. He can also help in providing useful tips to fix your mobiles with simple tricks. He is a regular author of Az-Katalog and many other online blogs.

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