3 Ways to Kickstart Your Workouts

Kickstart Your Workouts

Kickstart Your Workouts

You’re probably expecting to read recommendations on intervals to add or lunges you should be doing. This isn’t that type of article. Frankly, we focus plenty on ways to add more challenges and resistance to our workout. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase your overall fitness level, or add muscle mass and tone, eventually you’ll hit a fitness plateau or become bored. Meanwhile, fitness article after fitness article will discuss new exercises or lifts you should add. Scientists study the optimal duration of workouts and the effectiveness of adding interval training. What we don’t talk enough about is the mental side of working out. Not psyching yourself up for a marathon, but the mental aspects of day-to-day workouts.

  1. Go Away

You are probably comfortable in your training, your gym, and your workout. Or perhaps you train at home or outside. Frankly, wherever you exercise, it is probably long past time for a change in venue. Running the same trails, using the same machines, or even just going to the same gym to workout quickly causes us to mentally slip into a routine. Even if you try to spice things up a bit by adding changes to your workout, your brain will probably be stuck in the same routine.

The best way to bring new life to your quest for fitness is take it to a new location. Start with flexible gym passes that allow you visit new facilities and try different equipment. Fresh classes, pools, machines, and weights can bring dramatic life to your fitness regime without breaking the bank. Take your outdoor run, walk, or bike to somewhere you’ve never been before. Take public transportation or drive to places waiting to be explored. The change in terrain and sights will add life to your workout and interest to your life. Life is short, get out a enjoy.

  1. Read a Little

Keep your head in the game. Instead of simply doing the same workout routine or following online with a video, give your fitness more thought. Check out fitness magazines, online articles, or exercise-related news. Reading about technique can be surprisingly inspiring. It can also provide surprising insights into technique, diet, and how you approach your health.

  1. Personal Trainer

Many would say everyone should always have a personal trainer. In fact, personal trainers might be unnecessary for many people, most of the time. When your workout reaches a plateau, however, having a professional review your form, training schedule, and technique, can make all the difference. Minor form corrections can have a huge impact. Adding moves to reach underused muscles could boast your fitness while making you less likely to suffer injuries, down the road. Even if your form and workout are perfect, a few sessions with a personal trainer can provide the variety and stimulation you were missing. Don’t be afraid to have a cheerleader in your corner, encouraging you to reach new milestones.


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