Top 5 Expo Marketing Trends for 2017

So, your company has a booth at an upcoming 2017 trade show. If you thought that you could market your brand effectively by bringing along a few newly printed banners, some updated brochures and a pile of business cards, you would get overlooked by most show attendees that are only interested in the latest and greatest, and that includes trade show booth design!

Expo Marketing Trends for 2017

Expo Marketing Trends for 2017

In today’s competitive market, all you have to do is just look around at any decent convention hall floor to notice that successful companies make the most out of their display booth space by proactively integrating the latest technologies and outbound marketing trends. Authentic face to face interaction at exhibitions between exhibitors and prospects has always been the biggest benefit for most marketing teams. Being able to sell your product to a large live target audience is a huge advantage. However, event marketing requires more in 2017 than just staffing your booth with knowledgeable sales reps and booth rent models. Instead, you have to be one of the companies disrupting the exhibit hall floor, with authentic marketing growth hacks and the latest event technology! Trade shows in 2016 will be more digital than ever, from the pre-show marketing tools to the interactive digital kiosks and LED display stands. So, what are the current popular trends for marketing at exhibitions? Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 expo marketing trends for 2017!

LED Trade Show Lighting:

Portable Backlit Displays and LED Fabric SEG Lightbox Exhibits were a massive booth design trend in 2016 and will most likely still be the top booth design enhancement feature in 2017. Illuminated colors and images are crisp, eye-catching and naturally capture the attention of show attendees passing by. One advantages of exhibiting with a backlit display is that you have the freedom to customize your content per trade show attended. SEG graphic mural replacement is very inexpensive and allows creative marketing teams to always keep a brand fresh with new design layouts, images and taglines. SEG fabric lightbox displays make a great investment (unlike popup display magnetic graphic panels where content is static and unchangeable). Having the ability to quickly and affordably swap out just a section of your graphic design creates a much more user-friendly experience for your trade show staff. In addition, making use of multi-media on your portable LED display is a highly effective marketing tool as it makes visitors want to stop by.

LED Trade Show Lighting

LED Trade Show Lighting

Digital Touchscreen Kiosks:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve used a commercial touchscreen at the airport, shopping mall or local car dealership. So why not integrate touchscreen technology into your trade show booth? Touchscreens are now affordable and portable. Touchscreen ad campaigns are another highly effective marketing tool for potential clients to have fun interacting with your brand and event staff through touchscreen games and other entertaining personalized features. Your trade show marketing team can also use touchscreen kiosks to give effective live presentations, showcase new products and give virtual website tours.


Mobile Social Media Marketing:

Connect with potential clients at trade shows via mobile technology. Simply use a hashtag and then post relevant photographs of your exhibit or popular branded promo giveaways to your brand’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Creating a SnapChat story is also very effective as this can generate a lot of hype and awareness around your booth. Another great technology tool in terms of trade shows is the use of beacons. This enables users to receive marketing promos based on their app download history. The beacon system finds out the location of a trade show visitor and alerts them to nearby products or companies relevant to their interests.

Interactive Floor Projection:

When we say maximize all your available display booth space for marketing, we really mean it! This includes floor space! If you have interactive floor projection, you really will be seen as a cutting-edge, exciting and forward thinking company. Interactive floor projection involves creating personalized content with which your visitors can interact. They can also create sounds, play digital games and enhance visual effects – all this while they interact with your logo, products and brand!

Trade Show Lounge Furniture Rental

Trade Show Lounge Furniture Rental

State-of-the-art Lounge Area:

If you have a large open floor area, usually needs to be at least a 10’ x 20’ display booth space for a lounge-type setting, try to think outside of the box to create a unique inviting lounge style space for show attendees to comfortably hang out! Since you will be sitting down to chat with visitors in this area, try and make it as interesting, entertaining and comfortable as possible. Why not feature modern lounge couches that can easily be rented for exhibitions, or add a portable cell phone charging station so visitors can take a break resting on your comfortable furniture while charging their cell phone. Another idea would be to replace traditional magazines with modern iPads or a small interactive touchscreen? Interactive technology will create really dynamic experiences that your potential customers won’t forget!


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