5 Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

Long-term smoking results in the accumulation of tar and nicotine in the lungs. The lungs become congested and dark from the continuous exposure of carbon monoxide and smoke. When you quit smoking, your lungs do not clean out the toxins immediately.

Some changes in your lifestyle are necessary to help them in ridding the body of these toxins. These changes will not only help your lungs but our entire body. There are simple techniques that you can use to cleanse your lungs to the level of a non-smoker. Below are a few tips that will aid in your journey to full lung recovery.

Lungs After Quitting Smoking

Avoid Carbon Monoxide and Second-Hand Smoke

This might be something you need to get accustomed to if you want to cleanse your lungs. Avoid a smoker like the plague and any type of carbon monoxide. I am sure you have heard that a secondary smoker takes in more smoke than the person sucking on the cigarette. Staying around smokers and carbon monoxide will render your efforts futile. You will still be a smoker and inhale more carbon monoxide than before. People might notice your new attitude towards smokers, but it is in your lungs’ best interest.

Breathing Exercises

One of the most noticeable side effects of smoking is difficulty in breathing. This is brought about by the diminished oxygen levels in your lungs due to the invasion of carbon monoxide. You will notice that you cannot jog for five minutes without gasping for breath. Some basic yoga could do wonders for your lungs.

Start with the meditation and breathing yoga before proceeding to the complex yoga. However, you should avoid high temperature, and intense yoga as your lungs might not handle it for now. Start with baby steps, and you will gradually become a pro. You can also engage the services of a respiratory therapist to help you know what technique works for you.


The lifestyle change after smoking should be holistic. Your diet needs to change, and you need to incorporate foods that aid in cleansing your lungs. Try out herbs and spices as well as fruits and vegetables. Pineapple has been found to contain a substance called bromelin that cleanses the lungs and detoxifies the body.
You can also add some avocadoes, rosemary, ginger, and cayenne pepper. Take in lots of water to wash out the accumulated toxins in the blood stream. Most fruits and green vegetables act as natural detox. These need to be plenty in your new diet.


Most smokers find it hard to exercise due to breathing problems. This is the perfect time to start small. You can start by jogging and take short walks. After you have mastered some strength, you can start walking and cycling. You will see some black discharge coming from your system when you a cough. This is the accumulated tar and mucus that makes you experience difficulty in breathing. The coughing will eventually disappear once the airway is cleared. You will feel some lightness in your chest after some time. The exercises increase your lungs’ elasticity, and more oxygen is taken in.

Deep clean your Home

If you were a long-term smoker, chances are that you used to smoke in your home. You will need to clean your entire home with non-toxic cleaners to remove all the residuals and lingering smoke. Clean all the carpets and sleeping gear and if you are not allergic to pollen, open your windows and let the fresh air flow in freely.

Ensure your home is well ventilated to allow fresh air. Use air filters if you are allergic to pollen. Make sure your items are cleaned to get rid of the tobacco smoke that accumulates over time.

If you are having a relapse, you can try out vaping. This method is safe for the lungs because no carbon monoxide is inhaled. Try out the commercial tobacco e-juice. This e-juice will keep all the tobacco cravings at bay. Quitting smoking is a huge lifestyle change, and it has its challenges. The trick is to take one step at a time. Note down your reasons for quitting smoking and read them daily to avoid relapses. Remember, it is hard but doable. Others have done it and so can you.


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