Top 5 Advantages of Using Pocket Hole Jig for Woodwork Project

A pocket hole jig is an excellent tool for both professional and creative DIY woodwork project. It is amazing equipment that has made wood joinery a lot easier.  No matter whether you are a Pro or just found yourself interested in doing some creative woodworks, it is what you need to drill traceless joinery. Yes, you read it right! Here are top 5 advantages of using Pocket Hole Jig for woodwork project. Let’s check them out in the following right now!

1.      Traceless Joinery:

Even if you are a newbie and this is your first woodworking project, you can have the perfect traceless joinery while using a pocket hole drilling system. Yes, it is not a big deal nowadays when you have this fantastic equipment in your tools box. Naturally, it drills holes at such an angle that makes it almost invisible. Again, there are points to add new dimension using pocket hole plugs in your woodworks.

2.      No Room to Wait for the Next Move:

It happens so often that even professional woodworkers become irritated while doing joinery. Not because they are bored with it, it takes time. While joining pieces, the carpenter needs to allow the glue to get dry. Therefore, he/she cannot help waiting to start for the next move. However, while using a pocket hole joinery system, you have no room to wait for the next move. You are free to go to the next step immediately after screwing the pocket holes you just drilled.

3.      Faster and Stronger Joinery:

The most satisfying thing about a pocket hole joinery is- it makes stronger joints that traditional joinery systems. Again, it consumes comparatively less time to complete the hole joining process. The working process of a pocket hole joinery is like- measuring points, drilling pocket holes for joinery, pasting glue if you like, and finally screwing the pocket holes with pocket screws. With such simple and easy to follow steps, you can have faster and stronger joinery when using a Pocket Hole Jig.

4.      Easy to Use and Carry:

Another most notable advantage of this wonderful carpentry tool is- it is super-duper easy to use and take one place to another. It can be an amazing joinery equipment if you are a professional woodworker and often require carrying your tools place to place.

5.      Pocket-Friendly Price:

On the top of all these hard to resist advantages, the jig system comes at a really affordable price. Yes, you can grab all these benefits at the cost of less than a hundred bucks. So, the price won’t be an issue even if you are planning to go for this tool in your next creative DIY woodwork project.

Considering all these reasonable advantages of a jig system, we hope, you already come to realize why you should go for this amazing woodworking tool. What else do you need to join pieces of wood comparatively faster and more conveniently? Go, get a pocket hole jig for your next project if you want to drill pocket holes tirelessly.


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