Excellent Presentations: Apple keynote Tool

Making a presentation in public, and the adjective that accompanies this is: Easy, it ‘s not hard at all, seriously. Discovering and getting the most recent Keynote templates is as easy as few clicks: this website offers many free Keynote themes. The only thing that has to be done to make the presentation successful is to prepare it, prepare each and every one of the elements involved in a presentation and, above all, differentiate the phases for the realization. You need to prepare the before, the during and also the after.

For each of these phases, you have to work on what matters most, and one of the main ones is the support in slides during the “speech”.

The motto here is: the slide is for the public, they are never for you.

You have to ask the question directly: could you make the presentation without this slide? If you answer NO, something is failing, you need to prepare the content, organize the ideas and set the objective of your message. If you answer YES, you are on the right track.

Keynoth Templates Image

Keynoth Templates Image

There is another unwritten “rule” that is not to use more than 7 lines in a slide and never more than 7 words in each line. It is of course not to recharge the slide and just “focus” on whoever is listening to you. What we want is to listen to you, to follow your plot line and not to stop so long to read your slide that we are not able to appreciate your speech.

It is clear that working during “is interesting, necessary and indispensable, but never forget the” before “, where we must choose keys for presentation, such as objectives, the public, the means to use, the time available to us and Some little thing more. We should also think about the “after”, or rather what “after” elements are going to be able to be influenced by our presentation, leaving the necessary anchors (messages we want our audience to retain to come back to them later in time). Do not forget to never “lift the anchor” again at the end of the presentation.

This up here is simply a brushstroke of everything that must be handled and studied to make an excellent presentation, but today I wanted to leave here the good feeling that I have transmitted an application of the Apple iWork package: the keynote.

It is a very simple tool to use, from my point of view easier than the Powerpoint of Microsoft and that also allows to arrive at an elegant design in very few actions. It comes with basic backgrounds and spectacular designs and also the “alpha” style of Apple is breathed on all sides.

If you want to make an excellent presentation with hyperlinks between slides, elements of the same and using audio, video and photography, with Keynote I have the feeling that even someone who has never made a presentation, could achieve a spectacular result.

If you like the layout of presentations and have a Mac on hand, do not hesitate: try the Keynote.


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