How To Choose The Best And Cheapest CDN Provider?

How To Choose The Best And Cheapest CDN Provider: CDN stands For Content Delivery Network and if your website utilizes these features, it will experience better and faster web performance. It is very important to utilize CDN services for reliable Content Delivery Network. If your website has good number to traffic, then you must add Content Delivery Network, so that users will experience fast web performance and your website pages will load fast.

If you are looking for best CDN server provider, I will tell you how to choose the best and cheapest service provide. There are hundreds of CDN service providers; it is difficult to choose one. First let me tell you what CDN is?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is not a problem, it is a servers located worldwide. The main function of CDN is to deliver content to readers from the server that is closest to them, means if you are browsing sometime on Google from New York City, CDN will search best server in same city and deliver content to you. Just because of this feature you will experience fast content loading on website and it improve website’s loading speed. If you add CDN service on your website it will reduce your own server resources. If you still confuse do watch this video.

So how to choose best ad cheap CDN provide, before buying any CDN network you need to take care of few points like DNS Time, Server Uptime, Connect Time, Wait Time and Trace routes.  Do this A to Z testing before purchasing any CDN service.

  1. Check connect times to make sure that your CDN has great network connectivity.
  2. Check Response Time: CDN server should respond the browser requests as quick as possible.
  3. Server Uptime: means server should live 24×7.

After analyzing all of these factors, do more research and ask on forum websites for good and cheap CDN provider.


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