How To Choose The Best Piano Keyboard’s For Beginners – A Detailed Overview

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People often say I am a fanatic fan of the keyboards. Today I come with the topics “how to choose the best piano keyboard for beginners.”

First of all, piano Keyboards come in many sizes, with lots of different features and options. So when you are buying for the first time, it can be a very challenge to sort through it all. To make your choice easier, I have pulled together some information assist you to discover your way around the many types of keyboards.

Finding the Right Keyboard | Editors Guide

The choice is often a bit overwhelming. My tips for choosing a piano keyboard for beginners are below. Take a look and find pout the way to catch the best one.

Keyboard Brands:

 First, of you should consider what brands of piano keyboards you want to buy. Make sure that you are going to purchase from a reputed brand. Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Roland, M- Audio is well known and reputed brand all over the world.

Best Piano Keyboards


How many keys do the instruments feature? Make sure the keyboard will appear in a full size. A traditional piano comes with 88 keys, and that is also the case for the largest keyboards. The keys should be the same size as a real keyboard. I always recommend going for an 88 keys piano keyboard. But If space is though, tight, you can discover options with narrower manuals.

Adjustable stand:

This is another matter which you should consider. If the keyboard is tiny and light then the stand won’t create any problem, but the heavier and bigger the keyboard the better it is to have a stable, trustworthy and excellent stand.


Your keyboard should have weighted, or semi-weighted keys, as well as have a minimum of 61 notes or 80 notes. Cheaper keyboards do not usually have this feature. The Weighted keys always feel more realistic, like a real piano.

Touch sensitive keys:

 It refers a control that triggers when you press a key further than the point where the note plays. It is essential for life like an emulation of an acoustic piano, as well as can have another useful system as well.


Considering all that the best piano keyboard has to offer, portable keyboards really are the jacks of all trades. Smaller keyboards like 25 and 33 note ones are admired because they’re portable. Also, 88 keys keyboard comes with these facilities.

Multitimbrality and Polyphony:

Look at the polyphony and multitimbrality capabilities to make sure they meet your requirements. My opinion is, A 128 note polyphony is best to aim for, and 32-64 is suitable depending on what kind of music you’ll be playing.

Screen Display:

Not every keyboard has a screen. Some piano keyboards come with the feature microphone input, a screen that displays song lyrics or notation, or a digital mixer. Consider this matter before you go.


Some digital pianos come with built-in speaker’s features. Always Make sure that your chosen best piano keyboard has inbuilt speakers – all consumer keyboards have speakers, but a few numbers of professional keyboards do not.

Final verdict:

Now that you have a few key bits of information, you can begin to explore all your options. Also make sure your model comes with Built-in pedal systems, key covers, furniture style stands, and music holder’s features. And finally, if you ask me what brand, I would definitely recommend the Yamaha as a good piano keyboard for beginners. Have a nice day and best of luck!


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