Best Tips for Choosing Safe Baby Products & Toys

How to Buy Baby Toys

Yesterday, I got a phone call from my cousin. From her, I came to know that her five-month-old baby’s got rashes all over its body. On questioning, she told me that the previous day, she applied a new baby lotion on the baby’s body. However, after consulting a doctor, the baby is fine now.

So, see, this kind of products can both be a blessing and a curse for your infant. Baby products refer to all sorts of utensils mothers use for their babies. For example, diapers, skin care, feeding products, shower kits are well considered.

Again toys also play a major role in your baby’s growth. Many famous companies are manufacturing baby products including toys all over the world. But are they all safe for your baby?

 Well, they may not be. For this reason, you must check them yourself before buying. For doing so, you must know some important tips.

The importance of choosing safe products for your baby:

Several products can injure your baby in many ways. Every year, a significant number of infants are to be hospitalized for this reason. Just like my niece suffered or even more severe.

Skin cares like gel, soap, shampoo, lotion, powder, etc. contain harmful ingredients. Remember, your baby’s skin is ten times more vulnerable than yours. Chemicals like carcinogens, phthalates can cause allergic irritation, skin discoloration or even cancer.

Additionally, one-third of fragrance creating substances are toxic. They may result in eye irritation, breathing problem, etc.

It’s true that there’s no alternative to mother‘s milk. But nowadays many working women prefer different nutritious milk available in the market. Recently, the presence of melamine in several baby milk has put mothers in worry.

Besides, other commercial foods may also contain toxic elements. In several experiments, arsenic is found in rice used in baby cereal. Furthermore, lead, fluoride, sugar, leeched chemicals in baby foods are also harmful. They may result in yellow or pitted teeth, problems with digestion, etc.

Toys are the best companion for a baby. Again most of the accidents occur due to the imperfect or unstable toys. The sharp edge of toys can do serious harm to your baby’s eyes, nose, and other sensitive parts.

Your baby may swallow small round balls separated from the toy. The damaged battery of battery operated toys can be a serious risk for your baby. It may lead to bleeding or chemical burn. Loosen wheels or broken parts also risk your baby’s safety.

Therefore, you must be very cautious in buying and choosing toys and other products.

Tips for choosing safe baby products or toys:

You can easily avoid danger related to toys by checking a few things before buying.

Skin care products:

  • Buy products verified by renowned associations like NPA, CPSC.
  • Before purchasing a product, check the manufacturing and expiry date. Watch whether the product is intake or not.
  • Choose Tear-free and fragrance-free soap, shampoo, bath gel, and lotions. If it creates any allergic reaction to your baby’s skin, don’t use that again.
  • Have a glance at the ingredients of which the product is made. If you see any harmful element like acids, however mild it is, don’t buy it.
  • Buy ointment instead of lotions or glycerin for your baby. It’s because ointments are of the thicker consistency.
  • In the case of buying soap, avoid antibacterial and deodorants.

Baby walkers:

There are different types of walkers depending on which surface your baby likes to walk.

  • To provide your baby with the best baby walker, check the design, base frame, and the materials. As they don’t usually have wheels, they can easily get stuck if your carpets have dense fibers. As a result, the Walker may tip over.
  • On the other hand, walkers with large wheels will allow your baby to run on different surfaces. Joovy spoon walker is one of them.
  • If your house has stairs, you can buy ‘stair-proof’ walkers.
  • Check if there is any grip system in case your baby moves fast riding on a baby walker.
  • Check if all the straps are fitted correctly for your baby’s security.

Food products:

  • As said before, always check the expiry date first.
  • Buy food products from a trusted company suggested by a nutritionist.
  • Check whether all the food ingredients are present in the right proportion.
  • It’s imperative to check what material has been used in packaging or as a container. Avoid products wrapped with metals like aluminum or toxic plastic. Materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polycarbonate are safer alternatives.


  • Fragrance-free, they shouldn’t be too loose or chafe.
  • Choose petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide cream as diaper cream.
  • Choose alcohol-free wipes. Otherwise, it may cause skin irritation.


  • Read the warnings and age recommendation carefully. Buy safer products with lesser risks.
  • Have a close look if the toy contains small balls, coins or other small things that can easily get detached. Avoid buying them.
  • Make sure the toys are hard enough as babies throw them here and there. They also have to withstand chewing.
  • Avoid buying toys that have pinched edges, small ends, and long strings.
  • Never give toys having latex or harmful plastic to your baby as they often chew them.
  • Wooden toys should be free from splinters. Bikes or other steel toys should be rust free.
  • It’s better not to buy electrically operated toys. If you buy any, guaranty the safety first. Make sure that the batteries and electric wires are covered and screwed properly.
  • Toys having fabric should be fire retardant. Painted toys should be free from lead.
  • Make sure that the toy doesn’t create too loud and harsh sound.
  • Riding toys like a rocking horse should be stable, able to carry baby’s weight and prevent tipping.

Final verdict:

Every year, a large variety of toys and other products are entering into the world’s market. Toys are mainly for fun. But they can also impart a great impact on your baby’s mental and physical growth. But not every product can do this.

 You have to choose the best as well as the safest products from this vast variety. Know the things you need to check and how to check while buying them. Beware of the probable hazards related to your baby products.

Check and double check the quality. Ensure your baby a happy playtime. I hope this article will help you a great deal to meet your baby’s need.


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