How to Buy the Best Hybrid Bike

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My cousin bought a road bike after his doctor suggested him cycling for at least one hour a day. But as he lived in a mountainous area, he found off-road ridingsdifficult on the gravels. So if you are thinking of buying one simply to maintain fitness, don’t do the same mistake. If you ask me, then I’ll suggest going for a best hybrid bike. Now, you may ask why?

There are bikes designed for specific purposes. For example, racer bike, mountain bike etc. but a hybrid bike is in between the two. That is, it does the work of both a road and mountain bike. It’s heavier than a road bike but lighter than a mountain bike. Though not all-rounder, you can certainly call it versatile. The long and flat hand bars, the tires, brakes, all these make it comfortable to ride on. If you’re going to use it for general purpose, nothing can be better than this.

Now, are you convinced to go for a hybrid bike? But there are many brands and models out there in the market. So how to choose the best one? Simply, what’re the things you must check before you pick one? Let’s learn them.

Things to look for


You don’t want to buy a bike that you can’t even ride comfortably, do you? Yes, we are talking about the size. It relates to your body size. Too much big or too much small both would be uncomfortable.

One must be enabled of standing in the middle of the frame flattening the feet on either side. Also, you must be capable of raising or lowering the paddle so that your feet hit them comfortably. So try in the store to check whether the bike fits you.


The tires defend both your bike and life. Most of the hybrid bikes come with 700cc tires regardless of the size of the rim. This is because they can roll across small bumps in the roads easily. Also, make uphill traveling easier.

So check if the tires are big like that of mountain bikes. You don’t need such tires. If you can’t understand ask the salesman.


Hybrid bike has padded seats rather than covered with thin foam like they’re in racing or mountain bike. You can also look for suspension seat posts. This feature absorbs the shock on the ass we get during banging up a vertical slam suddenly.

But never ever raise the seat too high that it goes over the maximum stripe. It’s too dangerous!


Instead of steel, nowadays, most of the bike frames are either of aluminum or carbon. Both of them are rust resistant and strong enough. The carbon frame is lighter but at the same time costs more than aluminum. So it depends upon your budget what type of frame you’ll go for.


When you’re riding, it’s important that you can break the speed safely. So it’s important to ensure that your bike has brakes and they works properly.

The linear braking system of peg hybrid bikes is very popular. These fit in almost all situations even when the ground is wet and muddy. While breaking, they provide more control. It’s another reason why I suggested you hybrid bikes.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes


The first thing to check is whether the gears are strong and of high quality.

Modern bikes have gears, from 16 to 30. If you’re using the bike only for commuting, then the number of bike doesn’t matter. But if you want to cross long distances riding this, then you should check the details.

If you use the bike mostly along canals or street, then a single gear bike will be enough. But if you often travel rocky areas, then you’ll need super low climbing gearing. Whatever you pick, don’t forget to ask the shop guy to show you how the gear works.


The front suspension forks are another feature that will give you better comfort. They absorb the effect of shocks produced from mashing into potholes or bumping up and down. They also help to maintain the hand position on the hand bars while you’re bashing against something. They ensure you a smooth ride compelling the bike to take the hit.

But a bike with suspension will need you a minimum budget of $700. If you can’t go up this, then you have to go for a bike without suspension.

Watch this video on MTB Buyers Guide – What You Need To Know

Final Verdict

A best bike may look perfect when you first look it from the outside. But you don’t get to know if it has any fault unless you ride on it. So like the test drive, take a test ride! Observe whether you’re having the feeling of comfort and freedom.

Have a safe ride!

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