Tips on Buying a Car Vacuum Cleaner

A messy and smelly car would be really embarrassing and can put you and your passengers in an awkward situation. It will generate and leave a very bad impression of you on others. Therefore, keeping your car clean is very important. You might not know who you’re going to give a ride home.

The best way to always keep your car clean is to buy the best car vacuum cleaner and always keep it in your car just in case. Car vacuum cleaners are in the right size and specially designed to cater to different areas in your car. The outcome would turn out very pleasing, not only it’s good in the eyes but for your nose and health too.

Along with a car vacuum, an upholstery cleaner would be a great companion.


Some brands are on top for reasons. It’s one of the first things to consider when you decide to buy any electronic products, car vacuum cleaners are no exception. Nowadays, the market is flooded with thousands of choices and the first thing to notice is their brands.

Buying a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a Car Vacuum Cleaner

You should narrow your choices gradually by making comparisons basing on different criteria.


Weight: Most people don’t make weight a priority; however, it’s one of the more important considerations. To handle your car vacuum cleaner more easily, especially when using it for an extended period of time, settle with a light weight one.

Tank capacity: There is a tank to contain dust and dirt on handheld vacuum cleaners. Larger tanks can hold more dust and dirt which means you don’t have to empty them too frequently. However, it also means your car vacuum cleaner will be heavier making it more uncomfortable to handle, especially during an extended period of time.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Generally, there are two choices of car vacuum cleaners that are corded and cordless ones. For a car based use, a cordless car vacuum cleaner would be the best choice in terms of convenience and portability.

Without the cord, it’s easier to operate and reach corners and tight areas thanks to the slim profile of wireless car vacuums.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Corded Vs. Cordless

When shopping for a cordless car vacuum, you need to pay close attention to its battery life as it runs on battery. The battery should be able to withstand an extended period of time, at least, after you finish cleaning your car. And make sure its quality is good enough so you don’t have to replace it too often.

However, you can also use corded car vacuum cleaners to vacuum your car. Corded car vacuums cleaners are generally more powerful in comparison to the cordless ones thanks to its electric source of power. When looking for a corded car vacuum cleaner, keep in mind that the cord should be long enough.

Additional features

A car vacuum cleaner is designed to work on a multifunctional approach. There is more to a car vacuum cleaner than just about sucking debris, dirt, and dust off a surface. There are different areas in a car, some of them might be harder to reach than the others and some can only be reached with a specific tool.

Fortunately, a car vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of attachments catering to your needs. When comparing car vacuum cleaners, you should choose the one that is compatible with a wide range of accessories. Some common attachments we normally see in a car vacuum cleaner are brush attachments (wide, narrow, and soft), nozzles, crevice tools…

Suction power

This is the most important aspect that you should always consider when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. If the suction power fails to satisfy your needs and expectation, it means the investment will never generate your expected results.

Suction power

Suction power

Therefore, the first thing to consider when picking a vacuum from many other offerings on the market is its suction power.


Design is what catches your eyes first when looking for a car vacuum cleaner and what sets the impression. This might not be the most important factor when considering a car vacuum cleaner and you might not be someone who pays as much attention to its appearance. However, a good looking vacuum cleaner would definitely make you more satisfied.

If possible, a good combination of power with some of the best features embedded in it and nice appearance is everything you can ever ask for.


When doing your research, don’t forget to read some car vacuum cleaner reviews. A product that caters to your needs and requirements is what you desire. This can be achieved with the help of those reviews.

The internet has everything you can possibly imagine. You can read innumerable reviews on whatever services and products. A good way to have a better idea of the product, its price range, specifications, pros and cons… is to go through those reviews.

Consult others’ opinion on the product before deciding to make the final decision. It might be from your friends who have used the product or from online feedback.

Once you get what you’ve been looking for, you will be able to pick out one product that suits you the most.


As a rule of thumb, settle with a car vacuum cleaner that offers better warranty coverage. Because that means the manufacturer is confident enough about their product and its functionality as well as quality.

With warranty, if there is any problem, you can always return the device to have it repaired or even get a new one in some cases.

Final thought

One of the good things when it comes to choosing a car vacuum cleaner is the fact you’re going to have unlimited choices. This is also the reasons why choosing the best car vacuum cleaner is hard.

A car vacuum cleaner will be a wise and long term investment which offers long term benefits. With a car vacuum cleaner, you can have a cleaner car without having to spend extra money on a car wash.

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