Console Gaming Versus PC Gaming


There has forever been a debate about console gaming versus computer gaming. Over the last 10 years, both computer systems and video game consoles have seen dramatic rises in hardware capabilities and because gaming has become so popular, this debate is one that will never go away. So what is better, consoles or computers for gaming? The reality is that there are a few differences between these 2 gaming platforms and in this article we will talk about them.

Let’s start with upgrades. Computers, when used for gaming have the distinct advantage that they can be upgraded. If you want to play one of the latest and most demanding games on the market today, computer users have the ability to upgrade their graphics cards, CPU and RAM to make their computer capable of playing a particular game. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with consoles. Consoles like Playstation and XBOX are only released once every few years and when they come out, gamers have to put up with the hardware they come with until the next release, which could take years.

Modding: It’s well known that the internet is filled with online modding communities where users can download and apply mods to PC games. This is another advantage that computer gamers have over console gamers. Here, gamers can add new cars, maps and other addons to make games appear richer in graphics and smoother in gameplay. With console owners, this is usually not possible.

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Plug And Play: This is one where consoles win. When you buy a console and a game, all you really need to do is plug and then play. This is the greatest advantage of consoles and is why they are so appealing to people. With computer systems, users will have to manually install the game, download critical updates via internet download and then tweak a wide range of graphics and controller options before they can enjoy playing the video game. This can be frustrating and has been the reason why many prefer consoles.

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, consoles are much more affordable than computer systems. Sometimes the cost of a graphics card alone can be more than a complete console. Gaming computer systems can sometimes cost 5 times the amount of a console which is once again why a lot of people still prefer to buy a console.

So, in the end, there are many pro’s and cons of both platforms and its really up to gamers to decide for themselves.


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