Dedicated Servers all for your Business Data Security

We provide you integrated, complete, single-database dedicated servers. The three main advanced aspects that it bears are modular, scalable, and customizable. All the efforts are made to put it towards the right for a school to manage all its data in a proper manner irrespective of the number of students that it has. This Dedicated server’s solution system deals with project management, training, consulting, and our outstanding product support.

Inxyhost promises to give you a better tomorrow with an improved automated complex infrastructure. Thus you can have more control and efficiency to execute IT strategies. Click on https://inxyhost.com/ for more detail.

Inxyhost provides you an integrated, Modular and scalable server system. Here all the data is stored in a single database for more convenient use and retrieval. It is best suited for private an independent school, office and business data management system. Everything is combined in a comprehensive enterprise-style servers system and you can get in modules as and when required. It supports the database system with huge data.

The server Systems enable you to enter the data once and use for the future period without any problem of the duplicity of data or data synchronization between the applications. Along with advanced data integrity, the full integration features provide you real productivity assistance, thus you don’t need to enter the same data more than once.

A single full integration refers to the real-time updating, which enable you to use the latest version. While the modular software components provide you the flexibility to configure just the system you require with all the modules that can run on a single and central server for seamless integration.

Apart from this inxyhost provides its user PCI Data Security Standards. The PCI Compliance data handling system is meant to handle businesses sensitive types of information. Nowadays high level of security is needed for business and personal data security. In addition to this, there are other related items of sensitive personal data like PINs, Social Security Numbers, and passwords, which is to be secured in order to protect the financial data.

PCI Compliance is very useful not only for data security but also it involves in certain innovative policies like access control, network security, continued monitoring and testing of the network, company policies and procedures and quick detection of and address emerging threats in a trade sector.


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