Digital Games & Trends Of Digital Advertising

Ads in digital games were considered one of the top ten trends of the decade for digital advertising, according to IDG Tech. A market that continues to grow and, with the arrival of smart phones, was created a new distribution platform for casual games (as they are known simple and quick games to learn) previously only played on the computer screen.

PlanetZorg Mobile Games

PlanetZorg Mobile Games

To speak of advertising on mobile games, we need to understand the size of the market. Currently, Brazil has 27 million smart phones and more than 2 million tablets. The number of mobile devices will pass the world population in 2012. Over 60% of people who own cell phones use them to play – and more than half of them play daily. Furthermore, over 70% of downloads on smartphones are games.

The possibilities to place advertising in games are numerous. One of them, and more simple, are the ads usually offered through the mobile advertising platforms, such as iAd, Apple, and Admob, Google. Most free games have mobile ad formats. To quote one of these, the Angry Birds needs no further presentation – grosses over R $ 11 million monthly through them. This type of ad is that it requires less work by the advertiser because it advertises in scale, not choosing a specific game and only fulfilling the requirements of the platforms.

The merchandising within the game is beginning to emerge. It can be done by means of customization of the phases, and other characters. This format requires a negotiation directly with the developer. In Brazil, we have the case of Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland, skateboarder Bob Burnquist game developed by Doubleleft. The Sprite announced the game by placing ads on the track and at the beginning of the game, where the player can access the contents of the Facebook brand page. In addition to merchandising in the game, Coca-Cola Company released the game on 22 million Sprite cans.

The game is a licensing model that is creating big cases. It happens when a brand uses the mechanics of a game and creates a new customized version. For example, the game Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots, Rio: Angry Birds. We also have the example of Flick Kick, a simple soccer game that was licensed to Chelsea, Aston Villa and others.

We cannot leave out another great case of good possibility of advertising in games, which are those produced exclusively for a mark in which the agency or advertiser hires a developer to create a unique game. Have a unique game lets you deeply analyze your players and to ensure a constant communication channel with them. But remember that to create the audience, it is necessary investment to promote the game and to keep players. This explains why the game needs to be constantly updated.

Currently, focusing on conducting proprietary projects, the Doubleleft win recognition for the high creative and technological potential, developing products that enhance the interactivity of a brand with the ultimate audience, encouraging even more the image of this customer throughout the consumer chain.

The Doubleleft is responsible for all the launch of its product strategy, from its initial conception through design and development through to its completion. The studio is also ready to market and publish their developments. Learn More On PlanetZorg Mobile Games for best games downloading, media & more.


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