Do I Need A Protein Supplement To Build Muscle?


Before I give my views about the requirements of supplements for building up the muscles, I would like to say something about the misconception about going to the gym and making muscles. Many people believe that they can get great muscles by going to the gym and doing proper exercise but then if they left their exercise and stop going to the Gym, their muscles would be converted into fats. This is a common misconception and many people don’t join a gym just because of the fear of being the conversion of muscles into fats.

Well, this is something impossible, muscles can’t be converted into fats at all and fats can’t be converted into muscles. Usually, when people start going to the gym they have to do a lot of workouts and they take good diet. But when they quit the gym, they keep taking the same diet and don’t do any workout. Because of this their body starts getting fats and they start thinking that their muscles are converting into fats.

Here you can have the view of famous certified fitness trainer Sapna Vyas on this issue:

Now coming back to the main point, obviously you need proteins to build muscles. There is no second opinion on this. But the thing is whether you need the supplements or not? If you ask the same question to any supplements provider, he will surely tell you that definitely, you are the one who really needs supplements and especially the protein supplements that their company provides is the best suited for you without any side effects. But I would not advise you like this. I would suggest you that you must have a session with your doctor and only he can prescribe you the best crossfit pre workout supplements according to the requirements of your body and your fitness trainer can guide you how you should do your workout on daily basis.

Then many people also want to know what would be the best form of L carnitine for them? Whether it be best in solid, liquid or powder form? Well if you ask me I would say the best l carnitine for you is in the form which you are comfortable with. But many experts and professional trainers suggest that the liquid is the best form of L carnitine for most of the people. But again, it depends on an individual’s body structure, workout routine, and his/her comfort level as well.

So it is suggested to always take the advice of professionals before taking any protein supplements for building your muscles.


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