DOWNSIZING: This Super Cool Stuff Shows Us Great Benefits in Living in a Smaller House

Have you noticed that there is a new impetus for the way we live?

Owners are realizing that “living in large real estate” does not always mean that bigger is better. In fact, there are many benefits to moving to a smaller home. If the decision is voluntary, or if you find yourself forced to move for a new job or other life event, you will find many benefits. For you who like or want to save money, energy, features, these are just some of the 10 benefits of how to have a comfortable life in a smaller home:

  1. The more space you have, the more you’ll feel the need to fill it!

In a downsizing the advantage is that with less space, you will also waste less time and money on furniture, appliances and decorations that only make up the environments without fulfilling a particular function.

Downsizing real estate will help you prioritize in your home only what is needed.

  1. Many agree that the more space, the greater the stress with maintaining environments.

Cleaning, supply, maintenance and all costs for these factors will lead to stress.

Downsizing can be the first step in ensuring a more intimate and minimalist life, making more time available for you to do family activities, play, relax, and maybe love your home even more.

  1. Several homeowners also agree that a smaller home provides a greater and more intimate family bond, where family members and companions will have a greater commitment to organize life together. Instead of imagining your new home as a smaller place, feel the well-being and joy provided by the integration between people who enjoy themselves.
  2. One of the disadvantages of a large property is the high cost of energy and water. Smaller homes provide great savings on expenses.
  3. The smaller property also ensures less concern for when you travel. You will care less about monthly expenses and security.
  4. Moving to a better home can also be seen as a new chapter of your life. If your children already live alone, or you are moving from your parent’s home, downsizing can represent a way to start a new life in a new home.
  5. Have you ever noticed how a loft in trendy urban centers sounds cozier than up to 5 times bigger apartments in the suburbs?

With this you will take advantage of the possibility of your home with creative and functional colors and furniture, bringing your personal style and charm to the surroundings.

  1. Have you looked at your favorite designers who with small spaces managed to bring colors and life to the environments? A colorful sofa, a retro chandelier, a vase filled with shapes, can transform your home into an inspired design.
  2. Another point is creativity at the time of organization. Shelves, cabinets, shelves and divisions of the most diverse shapes, colors and models can help you at the time of organization and also ensure a very special look.
  3. These real estate can provide a new lifestyle. You may need to get rid of some habits and get more simplicity, but you’re likely to keep your budget under control and save money. Your future will thank you for it!


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