Until now pay individuals and small business users (such as energy customers in SMEs and self-employed) or a fixed rate for their energy, or one high and one low rate for peak and off-peak hours. However, large business users work with flexible fares, as they can buy on the fluctuations of the energy exchange APX. But when a customer is actually a large corporate user, and what is the APX exactly? The following explains a few things.

The energie vergelijken zakelijk can be divided into large corporate and small business energy. A large business customer has a capacity of more than 3 x 80 Amps for all the electrical connections and more than 40 cubic meters per hour of gas. He pays per month for the actual energy consumption, instead of monthly installments with an annual settlement. And receives separate invoices for energy and network management, while for the small business customer will be combined into one invoice.

APX stands for Amsterdam Power Exchange, the name under which the scholarship was established in 1999 to support the liberalization of the energy market. All the energy that is put on the Dutch market, is traded on the stock exchange. It is a so-called spot market, which means that energy prices are determined each day by the hour. On the APX website are becoming the number traded megawatt and the published price. The APX index is the price of energy in euros per megawatt hour. The energy is traded at any given time, comes the day after.

Energy providers can choose one moment to generate more or less energy. Additionally, there may be more or less supply because the output of solar and wind power fluctuates with the weather and time of day. The demand for energy at a given time exceeds supply, then that is obviously beneficial for the providers. The other way then drops the price and buy attractive.


You as an energy buyer choose to set a price for the duration of your contract. With such a fixed price you have to continue not thinking about your energy rates. But you will not profit from price declines when they occur. Want to decide what times you want to buy energy at favorable rates, then you better take a click price. This click one time you fixed electricity at market price then applicable.


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