Five Ideas to Rid Your Snoring

Research shows that 45% of the adult population snores at least occasionally. Snoring can become a real problem in couples and marriages, people start sleeping in separate rooms, then they become less intimate and little by little, they even put an end to their relationship. Moreover, when snoring is combined with sleep apnea, sufferers may develop heart disease.

Quitting snoring is not like quitting smoking. One can’t control what they do in their sleep. However, there are several snoring aids which you can try and see if they alleviate your snoring troubles. One of the popular products is Zquiet. You can check this Zquiet review for more information.

Ideas to Rid Your Snoring

Ideas to Rid Your Snoring

Change your sleeping position

Sleeping on the back is the position preferred by a lot of people. It is comfortable and it makes you feel like all your muscles relax and your bones rest. It is the position recommended when doing relaxation exercises. The bad news about sleeping on your back is that it makes your soft palate and back of the tongue collapse. When they get close to the back of your throat, they cause a vibrating sound. You can easily prevent this by sleeping on a side. It might be difficult in the beginning, but you can ask your partner to move you and ask you to change position if you start snoring in your sleep and you are on your back.

Hydrate yourself more

Dehydration has an unpleasant effect which may cause you to snore. The secretions in your nose and throat will be stickier, thus contributing to your snoring. Drink a lot of water every day. In order to control how much you drink, you need to monitor your water intake, at least for a month or so, until the correct habit to hydrate yourself is formed. Scientists say that men should drink about 16 cups of water a day. This includes the water in your foods, but I guess that’s a bit harder to monitor.

Clear your nasal passages before bed time

If you can do it, rinsing your nostrils with a saline solution before going to bed, helps clear the nasal passages, thus reducing your snoring in some degree. If you don’t agree with the salty water solution, a hot shower before bed may also help.

Change your pillows more often

Did you know that dust mites accumulate in the pillows and it’s almost impossible to get rid of them? If you have an allergy to dust mites, you may snore as a result. By simply buying new pillows, you can become snore-free. You may suspect an allergic reaction to dust mites if your nose is clear throughout the day, but you wake up with it obstructed.

If none of these helps you get rid of your problem, go see a doctor, maybe there’s a more serious issue you need to address.

Give up alcohol

In case you are drinking alcohol, even if it only happens occasionally, giving it up completely may lead to making you snore less. The reason why alcohol and snoring are related is that drinking relaxes your muscles, including the ones in the back of the throat. Even people who don’t usually snore may do it after consuming alcohol.


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