7 Flowers to Keep the Romance Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are hard to pull off, however you can bridge the gap between you and your lover by making your presence felt with freshly picked aromatic flowers. Yes, flowers have been the most romantic way to express love since time immemorial. Flowers doesn’t only help you in keeping the passion and romance alive in your long distance relationship but make your bond stronger too. Therefore, even when you are miles apart from your lover, send flowers online to enjoy your long distance relationship. But if you aren’t much familiar with the love flowers, check out this list of 7 heavenly flowers which will surely add happiness to your long distance love life:


Needless to say that roses epitomize love, passion, romance. Hence, roses become the perfect present to send your lover who lives far away from you to convey your intense emotions for him or her. Although roses come in a number of colors and every color adds a different meaning to life, however, red roses are considered the perfect to say “I Love You” to someone you are deeply in love with.


Carnation is one of the most expressive flowers which can heighten the love of your long distance relationship. White Carnation conveys pure love, admiration, and good luck. So, whenever you want to make your lover feel adored and admired, you can send him or her a bouquet of white carnations and take your relationship to new heights.

Gerberas Daisy

Gerbera daisies are perennial flowers and are the fifth most popular flower in the world. Usually, these flowers are associated with innocence and cheerfulness. Thus, whenever your lover is sad or low, send him or her a bouquet of Gerberas to brighten his or her day. These flowers bloom in a variety of colors and red Gerberas daisies depict desire and love. So, if you are sending red gerberas daisies to your lover it will convey that you are fully immersed in love with that person.


These beautiful and heavenly flowers are the perfect choice to show your admiration and infatuation for your lover who is miles apart from you. Tell your special someone that he or she is beautiful and you adore him or her incessantly with a beautiful bouquet of lilies. Also if you are one of those couples who celebrate their anniversaries then, Lilies of the Valley will be the perfect pick to celebrate your togetherness because it is known as the 2nd-anniversary flower.


This exotic, charming and rare flower symbolizes deep and passionate love. Orchids bloom in almost every color and thus, whatever the occasion or mood is, there are different colors of orchids to express your emotions. In fact, during the Victorian era, it was a ritual to give this beautiful bloom to show love. It is even believed that rarer the flower you chose as a gift for your lover, deeper is your love. So, how deep is your love?


While red roses depict true love, red tulips signify perfect love. Thus, red tulips make a great choice to make your long distance relationship perfect. So, no matter how far are you from your special someone, don’t let the distance hamper your love life. Instead, make it perfect and unbreakable by expressing your love for your beloved with tulips.


Although most of the people think that Sunflower is not associated with love, however, this bright summer flower is a cheerful bloom which can be gifted to brighten up your long distance relationship. Send a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers and tell your lover, that he or she has light up your world just like sunflowers.

So, these were some of the bright, beautiful and romantic flowers which can help you create many beautiful memories with your lover even if in a long -distance relationship. To send a beautiful and freshly picked bunch of these flowers you should always rely on online florists shops. For instance, if your lover lives in Lucknow then, surf the internet to find the best online flower delivery in Lucknow through which you can send your tokens of love to your lover.


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