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Football is the only sports which people play and watch all around the world. Even the countries which don’t have their national team able to play international matches they have huge fans of football who follow the FIFA event and all other football leagues all around the world. Usually, in Asian countries, Cricket is the most popular game as India, Pakistan, and Srilanka are World Cup winners whereas Bangladesh and Afghanistan are trying to do best in cricket rankings. But one can understand the importance of Football that FIFA Under 17 World Cup is going to held in India starting from 6th of October.

Fans obviously wanted to know the schedule of this world cup and also the schedule of different upcoming matches from different leagues like English Premier League, Spanish League, and many others. MAGAYO Goal is a desktop application for computers that you can install on your computer to keep yourself up to date with the schedules of football matches.

If you want to know the fixtures of an ongoing tournament or you want to keep an eye on the results of a particular tournament then MAGAYO Goal software is the best application for your Windows-based computer. This application supports different leagues such as English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga.

The best and most interesting thing about this application is that you can also get the predictions from the software. The application will have all the previous records of all the teams like the one on one matches, win/loss ratio, half-time, full-time score, Home win, Away win and draw matches, and the total number of goals and between any two teams and then this application will give its prediction about the possible outcome of that football match. Yes, it is hard to predict but you will find that most of the times, football match result prediction by MAGAYO Goal software will be true with a little difference on the number of goals.

Just install this amazing software on your Windows computer and enjoy the fixtures, results, and predictions of any supported football league.


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