Top Graphic Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Graphic design trends change on yearly basis as designers want to do something unique and attractive. It would be good for a designer to know about what changes are taking place in graphic design world so that some tips can be picked to create own unique designs.

In 2017, the design world will be witness to many new trends emerging on the scene. If you are aware of these new styles, preference of typefaces, colors etc elements, it may benefit you as well to find out some clue to creating a unique piece of design work.

So, here are top trends of 2017

1. Destruction of typography

Broken letterforms are likely to everywhere in the branding world after we saw such lettering for the London Design Festival 2016 logo. We have already seen destruction of typography in the works such as Bond’s logo for Scala and Pentagram’s utilitarian identity Since then the trend has been followed by many renowned designers also and is most certainly will be present in coming months. Take a look at the deconstructive typography in the following example from Pentagram’s Design Festival identity.

Destruction of typography

2. Kiss Principle Followed

Kiss [Keep it Simple, Stupid] is a design principle that professionals has been following ardently over the years. In the coming many months, designers will continue to slim down their logo designs, business card designs etc to bare essential elements. Simplicity is actually a basic but important role which is now widespread than ever before.

The trend of simplifying logo designs can be seen in the logos of MasterCard, Instagram, Bing, HP, Subway and BBC3. All these logos were redesigned to make the even simpler than before to convey a new brad message instantly.

Here is an example of how design elements are being eliminated to bare minimum. Take this Ministry of Sound logo. Compare the logo old logo with the new one at the right for simplicity.

Kiss Principle Followed

3. Colors Pop-up

Colors are being given a new intense and bright look so that they pop-up from the surface. There seems to be an effort to give colors a third dimension. For years designers have ignored any request for the colors pop-up. However, in 2016, designers gave a thought to creating bright colors and made them appear childlike pastels and bright neons. The designers experimented with eye-catching punchy color palettes, examples of which can be seen in Sagmeister & Walsh’s p ackaging for Appy Fizz and Pentagram’s branding for Film Independent.

Here is an example of colors pop-up in the following design that Wolff Olins created for Nordic telco Telia branding.

Colors Pop-up

4. Nostalgia

Brands may continue to look back to their past identities and restore some of those elements in new graphic design items. Nostalgia has always been appreciated as an element of design. In 2016, the designers started laying emphasis on digging into the past as with new energy. This involved bringing back classic logos to rejuvenate brand identity.

Take for example Kodak’s new logo that reminds us of its logo of 1970s camera shutter emblem. Many other classic logos were recreated in 2016 and the trend is likely to continue in 2017.


5. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and pattern are also a trend going on and is likely to be so in 2017. The designers used geometric shapes initially for the gaming world, print and web projects. In fact, designers experimented a lot of geometrical shapes to create unique cards and other design items.

Take the following example from of geometrical shapes coming into play and observe the layered shapes for forming a backdrop for this business card.

Geometric Shapes

These are the graphic design trends that you are likely to notice in logos, business cards, websites and others in 2017. But these are not the sole trends. Many more design elements may be entering the design world and you must take note of them to update yourself with new development in the field.

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