Hair Care 101 For Hair Clip-Ins

Now that you are feeling as fierce as Tyra, Rihanna and Beyoncé combined; it is now time to equip yourself with a few vital hair tips in order to stay looking your very best. Oh yes ladies, those clip-ins may look luxuriously shiny and smooth now, but give them a few weeks of improper hair care and they will look like seaweed’s distant cousin.

Hair Care 101 For Hair Clip-Ins

Hair Care 101 For Hair Clip-Ins

In this quick tips article we are going to focus on two particular aspects of clip-in hair care for black hair: cleansing as well as detangling.

It should be noted that clip-ins should be cleansed after every four or five times they have been used for styling. Moreover, it is very important not to neglect detangling the hair otherwise the extensions could become matted rendering them ultimately useless… unless you’re into that kind of look. Yikes!

Before shampooing always use your fingers to remove any tangles from your hair and ALWAYS remove the clips from your headfirst. Leaving them attached runs the risk of ripping hair from your scalp. Nevertheless, when removing tangles with your fingers work your way up beginning at the ends in order to prevent unnecessary breakage.

The key here is to be patient especially if you have curly hair that you are working with. As long as you take your time, your hair can be styled without a lot of drama. Moving on…

Aim to use a mild high quality shampoo that is formulated for dry/damaged hair because such as product will help keep and lock in moisturize. Keep in mind that extensions are not connected to the scalp; therefore, they have no way of receiving vital nutrients unless you apply them yourself.

So then, it is also highly recommended to deep condition clip-in extensions after the cleansing process is complete in order to provide strands with vitamins and minerals it may be lacking.

During the shampoo never rub, twist or excessively scrub the hair. Doing so could possibly remove or pull out strands from the weft thinning out the clip-in extensions. You could literally wash money down the sink so to speak. So, treat them very delicately.

Lastly, lay the clip-ins flat on a towel to allow them to dry naturally. Remember clip-ins do not have moisture naturally. Therefore, it is best not to dry with a hair dryer unless it is imperative to save time. By using these few tips you will be able to keep your extensions looking superstar worthy.


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