Hawaii with Kids: tips for Planning a family Vacation

Waikiki beach

Waikiki beach and diamond head crater in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA. resort vacation destination

Why I chose Hawaii for my next family vacation

The weather is great

The first reason has something to do with the weather. Unlike other American states, the weather in Hawaii is good and predictable. It is warm and sunny throughout the year. The tropical-like weather makes the islands an awesome place to be for during a vacation to do your outdoor activities like surfing, climbing, hiking & camping.

Everyone is friendly and welcoming in Hawaii

They call it the Aloha Spirit. It is an obligation for people in Hawaii to be nice to everyone, regardless. Unlike other places where people dislike visitors, you will be shocked with how locals here are friendly to tourists. The Aloha Spirit is practiced as a way of life and not an obligation.

Everyone is a minority

Hawaii is the only American state where everyone is a minority. The pioneer Polynesian immigrants were the first people to arrive on these islands and have been joined by Caucasians, Japanese, Chinese, Latinos, and other groups that constitute the American population.

All these groups have brought their diverse cultures here thus making Hawaii the melting pot of the Pacific. Almost a quarter of the population in Hawaii has lineage from two or more races. For this reason, Hawaii is almost free from some social problems found elsewhere in America.


You have more beaches where you can bask in the sun

With over 400 named beaches and a shoreline spanning over 750 miles, you are sure of finding a place to lie on the sand and bask in the sun. The beaches are as diverse as a chameleon, giving you a range of options to pick.

You can decide to chill on a beach with the sand color of your choice: white, yellow, black, red…you name it, Hawaii has it! But the oceans are a little unpredictable here so remember to tuck a lifeguard on your person before getting seaborne.

The islands themselves are a spectacle

Did you know the islands of Hawaii are volcanic mountains that project from the sea floor? Yeah, but relax, the islands are no longer active except some few mountains such as Mauna Kea that still erupt once in a while. Maybe it should be the reason why should go there in the first place.


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