In-Home Massage: A Convenient Choice

In-home massage therapy is Therapeutic massage that is done in a person’s home. That can be any kind of living space, like an apartment, or even a house or a condominium. The reasons why in-home massage is so popular these days is because of the convenience. When you factor in the time saved not driving to the day spa, as well as not having to even step out of the house, it’s easy to see why people all over New Jersey, New York City, as well as most major cities and suburban areas, book in-home massage sessions more and more.

In home massages can be for any person or group, from Massage for the elderly, to pregnancy massage, pediatric massage, oncology massage, or massage for just about anyone. There are also many different kinds of massage styles offered for massage at home. The most popular is always Swedish Massage. No one even knows what it means but they ask for it. What does it mean? It was developed in Sweden, and encompasses five basic strokes: petrissage, effleurage, tapotement, vibration, friction. I mean, that just about covers it. So a Swedish Massage can be very different from one therapist to the next.

There’s also Deep Tissue. That’s not the same as deep pressure Swedish. Deep tissue massage is about getting to underlying muscles, not about the massage therapist using more pressure. This is a common misconception. There are plenty of other modalities, most of which are available as in-home sessions. That even includes hot stone. Yes, the therapist will lug the stones up your steps. A heater, too. There is an extra fee for this, but how could you expect otherwise?
No matter which type of in-home massage you choose, know that your massage therapist was trained carefully. She went to school. Passed a standardized national test. Was fingerprinted. Passed a background check. And most even get further educated with continuing education courses in massage therapy, often focusing on topics they like.

Massage therapy is more respected now. It’s because of the fact that there is licensure and all the rest, that this is so. Massage therapists are now considered part of the health team, including the doctors, nurses, dieticians, and physical therapists. This is a positive development.

Having an in-home massage isn’t about following the latest trends. It just makes more sense, in terms of time and ease. And there’s one lat thing that always got me about going to the spa, which was only a mile away, a short ride through one of my favorite parks. That was that afterwards, I’d be sticky and gross from the massage oils used during the session. By the time I got home, my clothes were oily and nasty, and I needed a shower.

It’s way better to be able to shower immediately after your session. Some places have showers in the spa. Be careful, though, because this usually means it’s a different sort of establishment than what you’re seeking. Legitimate day spas, more often than not, do not have table showers or shower stalls. This is not true of the highest end day spas and vacation spas. There are always showers, as well as the full range of healthful choices like a steam room.

In summary, I think it’s key to know that in-home massage exists, and it’s easy to book, and a better choice than going out into the weather, nosing your car out into traffic. If you really want to relax, in home massage is an exceptionally good choice.


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