How Pizza Can Be Healthier Meal For You

Though time and again people speak hundred of things about having pizza as an unhealthy food, You cannot ignore the taste aspect associated with it. That is the reason people cannot restrain them from having it. Nevertheless there are certain actual health benefits of the pizza.

In the modern culture it is known as a smart and fast food. Different pizza comes with different toppings which taste awesome. You can also make it at home as per your own choice and requirement. Apart from the pizza toppings, there is another thing with enhance the taste of the pizza. Yes it is the cheese used in it.

Pizza can be a healthier meal if you can prepare it with perfect blend of nutrition and calories. For a healthy recipe healthy ingredients are quite necessary. So while making your pizza always use good cheese. It will be healthier and tasty.

Pizza Can Be Healthier Meal

Pizza Can Be Healthier Meal

Using a good cheese will reduce your health risk and calories intake. All the fast foods are not bad for health unless it is prepared with harmful ingredients or hazardous process. Make your own pizza with one of the best quality of cheese.

The health issue with people is that often they eat more slices of pizza which quickly add up to surplus calories intake. Going forward it adds up to bad cholesterol and makes you fat. So it is advisable limit your cheese intake to daily recommendations for saturated fat.

Cheese is not at all bad for health. If you investigate a little more you can come to know about the nutritional value of cheese pizza. Take an example of values for 1 slice of commercially sold cheese pizza is 96g. Which contain 260 Calories and 10g / 16% DV of fat? That also include Saturated Fat of 5g / 24% DV, 30g / 10% DV of Carbohydrates, 11g / 23% DV Protein, 2g / 7% DV Fiber, 19.7mcg / 28% DV Selenium, 239mg / 24% DV Phosphorus, 658mg / 27% DV Sodium, 201mg / 20% DV Calcium and 0.3mg / 17% DV Thiamin.

One single slice of plain pizza contains 23% of protein which is the recommended protein intake for an adult in a day. Further you can increase its health effect and protein power through adding more meatless protein crumbles or some other lean protein. Our body needs protein for its build up, while our tissues and organs are also need protein to function properly. Our main motive is to provide good information about good chesses and its health benefits, If you are in Iran there is good cheese provider and in their language is called (پخش پنیر پیتزا ).


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