How to Improve Typing & What is The Ideal Typing Speed


What is the Ideal Typing Speed

Starting with the ideal typing speed, there is not hard and fast rule for this. Normally a beginner can type 30 to 40 words per minute easily whereas if we talk about a regular typist who has a job that includes typing different letters and documents most of the time, he can write 40 to 60 words per minute. A professional typist whose job is entirely based on his typing speed and his main job is to type all the day can type 60 to 80 word per minute, whereas sometimes this speed can be fast enough to type even 80 to 100 words per minute.

If you use any typing tutor and type 50 to 70 words per minute on that, it will give you A+ grade because this speed is considered the best. But as I said earlier that a full time expert and professional typist can even type 100 words per minute, so you should always try to improve your typing speed.

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How Can I Improve My Typing Speed

“Practice makes a man perfect”. It is true that there are different typing software available which can be used to improve the typing speed but as per my understanding, all these software are good only for beginners. You can get help from these typing tutors to start learning the art of typing but you can become a professional typist using the software. It is only practical work which can increase your typing speed up to 80 words per minute.

If you just started learning to type and want to test your skills, then you can find many online tests which can be used to check your typing speed. You can select any typing test for beginners from different online websites and can test your skills. You should try to try different tests from different websites so that you can judge your abilities with different skill level tests designed by different programmers. It will help you in overcoming all your shortcomings and if you have to apply anywhere for a job of a typist, you can pass their test no matter from where they get the online typing test.

A Useful Tip: Remember Typing speed is not the only factor which can help you become a good typist. Typing accuracy is another factor which plays the important role as well in the success of your career as a typist. So along with your typing speed, also focus on the accuracy so that once you complete a document you don’t need to make much corrections which could take a lot of time if your typing accuracy is not good. A wireless mechanical keyboard can help you to reduce the typing mistakes.


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