Why it is Important to Get Feedback from Real Verified Users on your Online Store

In any online business, feedback from your customers is a key to success. Many users who started their online work mostly complaint about not getting any customers though they have good traffic on their website. The main reason of this failure is not having good feedback from any of the customers. Even if you have few sales in a month it is difficult to get the feedbacks from those sales because usually, people are so lazy that if they are satisfied with your service or product they will not leave a positive feedback, but if they don’t like your product then they will surely leave a negative feedback which can have negative impact on your business.

So it is very important to get positive feedback from your real customers in order to improve your sales. Many people do this with providing feedback from the fake account which doesn’t work for them and also cost them big amounts. The best way to boost your sales is to encourage your real customers to leave feedback for you; who are also buying products or services from other sellers. There are different ways you can encourage your customers to leave real feedback for your services or products you sell them.

 Feedback from Real Verified Users on your Online Store


The best way which works more than 90% is that you should offer some discount to your customers once they leave positive feedback on your product. For example, I am selling mobile accessories on my Amazon store, and whenever someone buy a product I contact them on phone after the received the product and I tell them that if they are satisfied with my product and give me positive feedback, I will pay back 10% of actual amount they paid for my product. So in this way, those customers who don’t spend few minutes to leave a good feedback, they log in to their account and leave positive feedback on my product and I pay them 10% of the actual amount. Though in this way, the profit which I had on that product is gone, due to that feedback, I can get a lot more orders from other customers which help me in boosting my sales.

If we talk about reviews and feedback for web hosting service, then it is also very important to get feedback from real and verified users. You can visit this page https://webhostinggeeks.com/blog/web-hosting-reviews-why-real-customer-reviews-are-the-best-source/ to know why it is important and how it can help to get more sales.

 Other than this, you can also send them a small survey in a Google sheet or some other way to participate in that survey and get a chance to win a product in your monthly giveaway event. This will also encourage your old customers to give you good feedbacks with their contact details which you can later publish on your feedback page. When other people see these real feedbacks from verified accounts they will start believing in your services and your product then they will also place orders at your website which will help you to grow your business in no time.

To get the feedback from real verified users you should use a simple feedback form, right after the user clicks on order completed. It should be two or three simple question which user can fill immediately. By making it simple you can get more feedbacks and in return, you will get more orders from new customers.


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