iPhone 6 Keep Searching for Signals, Do It Yourself by Soft Reset

Smartphone is the basic necessity these days and nobody can even think about to live without Smartphone. In past days when land line connections were used to communicate with the rest of the world, we do have different note books or small diaries that have all the contact numbers that we need in case of emergency or in any situation. But after the arrival of mobile phones people stop using those diaries and they save all their important contact number in their mobile devices, and in case we have a Smartphone we do keep much more important data in mobiles like our passwords, credentials, banking details and credit card numbers. So if we lost our Smartphone or unfortunately we have a broken phone then we might be in big trouble.

Iphone 6

Usually it is time taking process to hand over your Smartphone to some repairer and get it repaired to be able to use it again. When you are using iPhone then with the waste of time it is also very costly to get your iPhone repaired. This is a fact that you must get your iPhone repair from an expert person or a company to avoid any further damage. But in there are few simple things which you can try at home before you go to any mobile repairer.

In iPhone 6 sometimes it happens that it doesn’t show the signals of your SIM but if you try to make a call, it will connect you with the desired number. If you bring your phone to a repairing shop they might tell you that this is a problem with your software or hardware so we have to check it thoroughly. They will ask you to handover your iPhone for a day or two and will also tell you small checking fees. After that they will tell you the problem and will tell you complete cost to get this problem fixed.

If you face same problem in your iPhone 6, there are chances that it might be the problem with your hardware, but I would suggest you to try to fix it yourself with a small trick. In most of the cases this trick works perfectly and I myself have tried this simple trick many times on different iPhone 6 and it has done the job very well.

When you face this problem, you just need to soft reset your iPhone 6 and after soft reset there are 90% chances that your phone will start showing cellular signals on your mobile. This trick will work for many other problems like when some of your applications are not working correctly. With soft reset those applications will start performing in normal way. To soft reset iPhone 6 you just need to hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake (power) button simultaneously and hold both buttons for at least 10 seconds. You will see that your Smartphone’s screen will go blank and then Apple logo will appear.

When you see Apple’s logo on your mobile release both keys and your phone will go through normal start process. When it shows you home screen you will see that your problem is resolved. If this process can’t fix your problem, you can try the same process one more time and still if it doesn’t work then you should get help by a professional repairing expert.


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