Is Hybrid Mattress Better Than Pure Memory Foam Mattress

Before the compare, we need to know what is hybrid mattress and what is memory foam mattress. Let’s start with the main material of mattress firstly.

In the past innerspring is the most important material, Simmons, Sealy, Serta are the top 3 tradition brand, all of they produce innerspring mattress. Then people found the spring mattress perform bad on motion transfer, then memory foam and latex come into the eye of the mattress manufacture.

The firmness of Memory foam will change adapt to the temperature. And latex provide very good bouncy, both are more comfortable than innerspring.

hybrid mattress

hybrid mattress

What is hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine two or more support systems, usually memory foam layers along with an innerspring system or latex later. Hybrid mattresses are a great way to experience the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam, latex and innerspring, with limited budget.

Recently most famous online hybrid brand are Casper, Who was born in New York city and get rapid grow up in the past years. But based on mattress review from getbestmattres.com.  Another younger company Ghostbed seemed did better(They compare several online mattresses  with each other, including Ghostbed, Casper, Leesa, Purple and Dromma bed and so on, it’s very clear and we can see the pros and cons of each mattress, really very good resource and useful mattress buying guide, see mattress compare chart here).

What is memory foam mattress

Memory foam was firstly used in mattress industry by NASA, this material is full or magic. When it’s cold, it’s hard, and as the temperature grow up, it will become soft, so when you lay on the mattress, it will adapt according to the curve of your body, so some part of your body will sink into it while others won’t, in the case, every part of your body can get different support and pressure. This is good for quick recovery and good relax. That’s why more and more manufacture choose memory foam as their key material for mattresses.

So who is better

One common problem of memory foam is it will giving out hot, this is unacceptable for some people, especially for the one with big weight.

To fix this issue, the manufacture invented gel memory foam and airflow memory foam, some of them use one of them, others use them both. And another solution is using latex, whodon’t have this problem at all. And as we know, latex is more bouncy than memory foam, so it would be more friendly for sex if we use latex as part of mattress.

So if latex is so good, can we only use latex? The answer is no, as we said, memory foam will contour around your body, but latex won’t, it just provide bouncy, cooling and some comfort, but not as comfortable as memory foam.


Personally , I would vote for hybrid mattress, we can enjoy the advantage of memory foam mattress, but don’t have to bear the shortage of memory foam, and it’s cheaper than pure memory foam mattress. While any way, this is very personal choice, good luck.


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