Liquid Web Discount Coupons for High Performance Servers

This review will take a look at the features of High-Performance Server Configurations and the latest Liquid Web’s promotional coupons. In particular, first, we will provide an idea of the price range for High-Performance Servers at Liquidweb.com. Then, we will see how you can save money using the current discount codes for Liquidweb.com. Finally, we will look at the meaning of Server Redundancy and Geographic Redundancy.

Required investment

The most affordable Dedicated Server Liquid Web offers costs $199 a month. This plan consists of Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5, 4 cores @ 3.4 Ghz, as well as 32 GB RAM memory. This server also has 2 x 1 TB SSD Primary Drive. The plan also has 5 TB Bandwidth and 1 TB SATA Backup Drive.

The company’s most expensive Dedicated Server plan goes for $599 a month. It comes with Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4, 24 cores @ 32.2 Ghz and 256 GB of RAM memory. The hosting plan also comes with 4 x 1 TB SSD Primary Drive and Hardware RAID 10, which gives you 2 TB SATA Backup Drive and 10 TB Bandwidth. Additional features for this plan include Advanced DDoS Protection, 1 TB Offsite Backups, ServerSecure PLUS and free cPanel/WHM or Plesk.

Discount codes issued by Liquid Web for Dedicated servers can be used regardless of the plan cost.

Liquid Web Promocodes

With the BLAST25DS coupon code, you can get a 25% discount at checkout for the first six months of hosting when paying for Dedicated Server services at Liquid Web. For the latest deals visit this link www.webhostingology.com/liquid-web-coupons

What do you get for your investment

Server disasters in the form of protracted down times lost data, and server crashes can be handled with the help of High-Performance Server Configurations from Liquid Web. The service is especially helpful to fast-growing and high-traffic sites in need of added flexibility, security, performance, and availability. The main features of premium hosting include server Redundancy and Geographic Redundancy.

What is Server Redundancy?

Server redundancy entails creating a duplicate server having the similar computing power, storage, applications and operational elements. This is done when server availability is the highest priority. The redundant server remains offline.

Under normal circumstances, the redundant server is never live, although it goes on with network/internet connectivity. If the primary server fails the redundant server can take over the role of the primary server or bear some of its workloads. The redundant server is also located within the same site.

What is Geographic Redundancy?

Liquid Web’s dedication to High Availability has helped calm most people’s fears about web hosting problems. But in the wake of unavoidable geographical disasters that result in server downtimes and data loss in data centers, Geographical Redundancy in the web hosting business is more important than ever before.

With Geographical Redundancy, the data on the servers is kept in two different geographical sites so that a local disaster does not affect both servers at once. In the case of problems in one area, the applications on your server continue to work through the duplicate server.


Every month, Liquid Web issues many discount coupon codes which are specific to the product the web host is offering. The best way to get a valid code is to search the internet for coupons codes that can be used at LiquidWeb.com.


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