MAGAYO WET; The Best Desktop Weather App for Windows 10

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People who regularly travel around the world they must have regular updates about the weather situation in different areas. Not only this, but they should be very well aware of the weather forecast as well. For example, if a person wants to travel to a hill station, he must know if there are any chances of rain in next few days? Or there are chances of snowfall or storm. If the person knows these things then he/she can take proper precautions and security measures before starting the journey. Mobile users can search on Google what’s the best weather app for Android or iOS? You will find many good weather apps for Android or iOS. By searching on Google or Playstore you can find many top rated weather apps for Android and iOS and you can install of your own choice.

But when it comes to desktop then you need to have a desktop weather forecast application. Personally I feel that magayo WET is the best desktop weather app for Windows 10 or other updated versions. With a desktop weather app, you can keep yourself up to date for previous and upcoming weather forecast easily. Magayo WET desktop weather app does exactly the same, with its easy to use interface you can check the current weather and also you can check the weather forecast for coming 5 days.

With beautiful graphics, it will tell you if the weather is sunny, cloudy, raining or storming. You can check the weather of your current location and you can also select different cities of the world to check the weather forecast. Along with this it will also tell you the current temperature of your selected city and forecast the temperature for next 5 days. You can select the unit in which you want to see the temperature and can also convert the temperature from Fahrenheit or Centigrade and vice versa.

The best thing about magayo WET desktop weather application is that it also has a good and professional currency converter. You can convert the different currencies from one to another. This application will show you the currency exchange rate as well for every location that is visible on your desktop and you can also check the currency exchange trends of past 6 months using this application.

Then it also has a support to show World time on your desktop and time conversion. With the time converter, you can find a time of another city based on the date and time of your own location. Then it also has a multi-user support which means if more than one user is using the same computer with different user accounts, they can have their own personalized settings and locations for magayo WET weather app. Last but the best thing about this desktop weather application is that you can download it free of cost from the official website.


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