This exercise is very popular among people, who have had some approach to fitness, but very few of them fully understand it, they only know that it is related to running and sweating. Most just want to lose weight and burn body fat and they do not know all the benefits that this gives when practicing it regularly.


But few relate it like, for example, if you do it the right way, you’ll see better, because you expose the muscles, since you’re going to be removing the fat that hides them, creating a quite positive effect and making us see very Muscular, improving our image and confidence in ourselves.

But it is not only in our image that we will find the benefits of cardio, also in its importance since if you do cardio you will be healthier because it prevents heart disease, your mood will be modified positively and will be Less depressed, improves your attention so if you study or work you will have a better performance, a marked abdomen since the only way to get it is through cardio and proper nutrition and also that helps you gain muscle, all these benefits are Those who make cardio so important, not to do it means to lose all of them …

But what is cardio?

This exercise is any activity in which we raise the heart rate for a period of time; the heart rate must be kept elevated within a range of a certain number of beats per minute.

Types of exercises

And what are the cardio exercises?

Well, the main and less known is … WALK!!! That’s right, this exercise is the best for multiple reasons, among them we have that anyone can do it, it does not need any training to do it, it does not produce injuries and protects us from them and it is excellent for heating in case you are LEVEL 0 It is also very simple to perform just to walk as if we are in a hurry and maintain the speed of the passage during the time that we do our cardio.

The one that follows is to RUN or TROT, this one is a little behind of walking, but only because not all we can simply begin to run, since to do it we can suffer from the classic Late Muscle Pain (DOMS), which can end with The desire to exercise and also stays behind in terms of injuries, there is a greater chance of suffering injuries (mainly in the ankles and knees) if we are overweight. From then on it is quite effective to raise your heart rate quickly and safely.

Jumping rope is the home version of run in your place or trot at home, this is even more effective than doing it outdoors since you perform the exercise with the tips of the feet and this exercises the whole leg, in addition, you only need to have one Rope to jump, and even you do not need to have it, you can do as if you run in your place, this is ideal for difficult climates or if you have little time a day.


The DEPORTES in which is in constant motion, like soccer or bowl basketball, can also be considered as cardio because the elevated heart rate is maintained for each game, contact sports such as martial arts and boxing, Also classified as cardio mostly because of the workouts that are performed to be in a position to do them, on the other hand, the base ball or the American football, do not qualify as cardio since it stays one for a long time.

Other exercises are riding in BICYCLE and NADAR which are also very effective to raise the heart rate but the respective equipment is needed

Other types of cardio are TABATA and HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL (HIIT) TRAINING, these are good, but fail to keep the heart rate high for a period of time, as they are usually periods of a certain amount of Minutes between which there are breaks and when having breaks we lose the high heart rate.

Other Benefits

If you do your cardio at home even you can watch TV, movies or listen to music (this would be a good time to catch up on your favorite series) or if you bike then you do not have to be boring, if you do in the gym you can listen to music, Just remember to be focused on keeping your heart rate high.

It helps to relax the muscles after doing calisthenics and other exercises of greater intensity.

When to do cardio

Many have different opinions of when to do cardio, some say that in the morning before breakfast, others say that before intense exercise, such as warm up and I think it is better after exercise. But the reality is that it can be when you want!

It all depends on your goals, and the time you can devote to your conditioning.

For example, if you do before breakfast, you would be burning little more calories, you would be taking advantage of the morning time before all your activities, but the truth is that it is quite uncomfortable to do cardio without food in the stomach. to maintain concentration with The constant grunting of the gut is quite difficult.

I, for example, do my cardio after my calisthenics training, for the simple reason that I only have to do one training a day, and I have the rest of the day to do all my activities.

But if you do not have so much time for cardio then take every opportunity to do cardio, walk home to your home after work or school (if possible) or use a bicycle as a means of transportation.

How to Do Cardio

The time during which you must do cardio is 30 to 60 minutes, every day, this is to activate the effect of post treatment of fat if you do cardio every day increases your metabolic rate and active in your body this effect, in which After doing cardio, your body continues to burn calories for the next 23 hours, which is a great advantage, the condition that asks for this exercise is to raise your heart rate at a rate at a rate greater than your maximum for a period of 30 minutes.


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