Make Your Own Homemade Pre-Workout Supplement


In this day and age,  wanting to remain fit and healthy comes at an extravagant cost of its own. As an invaluable and priceless fitness and a healthy body may seem, it is sadly not the case. To support your daily exercises and carefully pre-planned workout routines, you need to adopt a strict diet that allows for a finite amount of nutrients needed by your body along with various doses of supplements to help you bulk up your desired body shape. There is also an added bonus! Store bought supplements may contain various unnecessary (and at many times, unwanted) chemicals in them which deviates from their main function of providing you with energy.

Instead, they work in the same form of an energy drink — which means that they give you a surge of energy only to completely drain all of it later. This results in lethargy and exhaustion. To put to rest any concerns you may have on the financial front, here are a few methods to create your own homemade pre workout supplements to achieve your desired level of fitness without any of it weighing too heavily on your pockets.

  • Caffeine:

This may come as a surprise to no one. It is common knowledge that coffee, caffeine in particular, gives you an incredible surge of energy. If you are not someone who has a regular intake of caffeine then you should start with a small dose and work your way up. As your caffeine tolerance builds, your energy levels should shoot up simultaneously.

  • Creatine:

Creatine helps specifically in weight-lifting. Creatine, as a homemade pre-workout, comes in handy to regenerate energy in your muscles. It helps you lift weights of a heavier load for a longer duration.

  • Carbohydrates:

Now,  I know a lot of people will be doubtful or maybe downright confused about the inclusion of carbohydrates to this list but remember— when speaking of bulking up, carbohydrates are usually the best and most preferred method to take. As a homemade pre-workout, this is necessary because it gives you an energy surge without draining you later on. It is a good way to get quick energy without the addition of any negative consequences.

Even then if you do not like to tinker with your supplements and devise your own concoctions, you need not worry. The iHerb coupon offers you exclusive discounts and packages on your favorite supplements to help you bulk up your way on your journey to a fit and healthy body without having to compromise on the health front or the financial front.


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