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Just after the introduction of laser technology, its importance is increasing every passing day, especially in the sensing. There are a lot of apparatus which are based on this laser technology and they proved to be the best alternative to old and traditional apparatus. Extraordinary features of tunable semiconductor lasers have made these devices perfect and cost-effective for rapid measurements.

This technology further modified and now in the modern days, sensing based on diode laser is part of many applications. The application of this technology can be found in space technology, medical, engineering, and many other life saving and improving fields.

NanoPlus is a Germany based professional company working on laser technology and diode semiconductors. They have 15 years of experience in developing devices for precise measurements by keeping the industrial standards. nanoplus | Welcome any industrial specialists to check the accuracy of their devices and designed lasers are widely used in industry and research for high-precision measurements. Applications include industrial process optimization, environment, oil & gas, defense, automotive, safety, health, and space.

If you are interested in checking the history of nanoplus and their innovations, you can click here for more details. They are working on DFB lasers with different ranges of wavelengths from 760 nm to 6000 nm.

If we talk about the applications of the laser, it is used in fire detection. DFB laser based fire detectors can bypass many issues in traditional file alarms and it is possible to precisely monitor the concentrations of fire gases such as CO, C2H4, and CH4. With these fire detectors, one can also detect whether it’s a coal fire or a wooden file because there are different gases produced in each case. These systems are very reliable and there is no maintenance cost to maintain the system in good condition.

This technology also helps a lot in space missions in outer space as it can detect the large objects which are very crucial in such missions. If we talk about medical field then for diabetes patients, it is very important to check the glucose level. And this technology is very good to check the glucose level without taking the blood and provide accurate results.

If you want to know more on the topic, this PDF can help you a lot.


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