The Beginner’s Mastery of Inline Skating

Inline Skating
Inline Skating

Inline Skating

At a certain point in your life, either sooner or later, chances are that you will want to chase some adrenaline, feel the urge for great heart-pounding vibes in your day-to-day routine. Perhaps you will turn your eyes to some extreme mountaineering adventures or you will fly off a plane, or go hunting Nile crocodiles in Mozambique. However, it is more reasonable and probable that you will start practicing a challenging and fun sport. 

So, what will it be? The biker dream, the marathoning experience, bungee jumping or perhaps freestyle skating? 

A little skating history 

Inline skating is one particular type of fun sport that has been around since the 17th century. The official invention of inline roller skates dates back in 1760 when J. J. Merlin created a pair of single-line metal wheels in an attempt to promote his museum, by skating while playing the violin. At that time, stopping was an unknown ability, which may have caused a lot of damage in Merlin’s museum. It’s been a long evolving journey for the skating art, but today it is by far one of the most beloved sports with a high social impact, health-related advantages, and also athletic performances worldwide. 

It is a sport that can be practiced at any age and may become a hobby, an enjoyable occasional activity or even a professional athletic career. But before jumping into your skates and rolling like a stone, you must carefully follow a set of steps if you want to properly know how to start inline skating and master it. 

A guiding step-by-step action plan 

The objective assessment of your skating intentions 

For children and young teenagers, there is practically no need to think about intention because most of them want to Best Skates from early ages for fun and their ability to learn fast and move easily is a key element. But if you’re at any age over, let’s say, 25, you need to assess your intentions if you wish to properly balance on those tiny metal wheels. 

Do not assume that it’s a kind of sport where you don’t need practice because everyone can do it. Even if you’re only curious about inline skating and want to try it once, you need to visualize the scope: make it your regular weekend activity with your family, practice daily to become a pro, enter the void of aggressive inline skating or speed skating. This is important in the way you invest your time and money when it comes to choosing the perfect gear for your purpose. 

The right gear for the right purposes 

Inline skates have different shapes, number of wheels and types: multi-use for the “general audience”, street stunt skates, speeding skates, freestyle skates or cross-training specialties. There’s a variety of them made by renowned or lesser-known brands. 

If you are a beginner, you should probably stick to multi-use skates, and ask all possible information about quality and durability before buying. Make sure you also do your homework at home, by checking as many sites as possible, such as this one https://my5reviews.com/skates/which offers comprehensive data and objective reviews. You will need to understand what you should feel when you try different pairs of skates, and what is the ideal position for your feet to be comfortable and safe. 

Buying skates is not enough. You need to think of a good helmet, preferably one that is certified by the C.P.S.C. (Safety Commission for Consumer Product) and has an adjustable strap. This is important for your protection while practicing. 
Other safety gear you might consider buying can include: pads for your elbows and knees (it can get painful if you don’t have patience in the beginning), wrist protection guards, special clothing that is breathable and allows you to move easily. Remember to wear your protective gear every time you skate. All set? 

Start grooving with inline skating 

Once you have the moves, the experience, the tips and tricks, inline skating can be a bliss. But how do you begin? 

Start grooving with inline skating 

1. Find a good concrete area to practice 

Yes, it might be tempting to go straight to the skate-parks, but it’s better to start somewhere else if you’re only a novice. Skate-parks are fun and exciting, but it can be very intimidating to see those experienced skaters jump around while you’re trying to stand up. Parking lots or unused small streets can be a good place, provided that you don’t bother anyone. 

2. Balance is the core 

There are a few techniques that can help you keep your balance. As you’re standing still, try lifting one foot at a time and maintain a vertical position, keeping your legs straight. The wheels should be flat and parallel to the ground, don’t angle your feet or toe-in because your ankles will suffer. Another technique is to crouch down and tuck into a small position. Keep your legs straight, tuck down slowly, and come all the way up again. Try to keep your body straight and upright. If you lean too far forward or backward, you will inevitably fall over. Balance doesn’t happen automatically, so be patient and stay focused. 

3. Start and stop 

When you first start, your legs need to be in a T position, so one foot behind the other, one at the back and one perpendicular at the front. Once you have that, slowly push off, leaving the back foot dragging behind just off the floor. After you get going, you can put that foot back down in the same T position, in order to slow down. Practice makes perfect. 

4. Get going nice and slowly 

You don’t want to be skating too fast or too hard, instead try to gradually ease your way out into the speed layer. Once you have your T position steady and your start/stop technique is ok, you can practice pushing your back foot in a V position with your front foot. This will help you own an easy flow of movement. 

5. Corners will inevitably appear 

This is where the crossover technique comes in. It literally means putting your weight from one foot to another by crossing them over. A lot of practice is required, but once you own it, along with the other aforementioned steps, you can say you’ve started your experience with inline skating. 

6. Stay low 

Keep your knees bent and your back leaned a bit forward. This will help you better control all the techniques you need to learn at the beginning and it will also give you a good grip of your muscles so you don’t fall over. 

After you’ve mastered all these steps in learning the basics of inline skating, you can go further into exploring the possibilities of this sport, which can be endless in movements, tricks, places for practicing, new communities to join. After all, it is never too late to become a pro, for the sake of the adrenaline and those heart-pounding vibes.


QacQoc GN28K USB C HUB Reviews


Are you looking to connect your Mac Book with numerous gadgets you own? Do you think that s lots provided in Mac Book are fewer in number for connecting your numerous gadgets? If yes, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of QacQoc GN28K USB C Hub for connecting all your gadgets with Mac Book Pro. Instead of swapping out the gadgets connected to your Mac Book pro, now you can easily connect numerous gadgets at once.

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Advantages of LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

The Practice of growing plants inside without using dirt is known as as Hydroponics. Plants require light for their own growth, this procedure is called photosynthesis. They empower healthier and quicker growth of vegetables and plants. This system provides a color temperature into the plants that’s extremely critical for their development. This LED technology provides a much better dispersing spectrum that gives quicker growing results.

LED grow lights are much more superior to the conventional grow lights. Some of the Benefits of utilizing these LED lighting are:

A) LED’s have an extremely long life around 30,000 hours. As there’s absolutely not any filament in LED they could last longer.

C) LED grow lights can be found in various colors which are appropriate to various plant types. They emit no more than the ideal light that’s needed by the plant due to their own growth. Higher yields could be generated and significant quantity of money may be saved.

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

D) They use less electrical power, thus conserving electricity around 70%. This adds up at the monthly savings from the energy bill.

e) With the usage of those lights there’s a saving on the upkeep price. Additionally there’s return on the expense of LED’s in about two decades and constant saving afterwards.

F) The fever Produced is also considerably reduced and these lights are standardized. They take all of the energy at the ideal place; hence there’s efficient use of mild and this helps to ensure that the leaves of these plants may likewise not be burnt because of less heat.

G) These lights could be configured in all sizes or in accordance with the requirement and may be set up in a number of areas and places. They may be altered in accordance with the particular requirement of this plant.

Light along with the LED technology is extremely beneficial for this particular community. It could be a very smart choice to purchase LED grow lights for business or home; this is the ideal method to grow fresh and cheap vegetables. To sum up it planters who change over into the LED technology will make more money as the expression goes:


Find Out What Works In Multi-Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Multi-level advertising is one kind of company which gives you the freedom to compose your own program. Because of this, it appeals to a lot of men and women. Additionally, it lets you call your own shots, which can be just another element which makes it appealing. Continue reading to discover how you can gain from this financial prospect.

When doing multi-level advertising, picking the proper product is the trick to earning money. Ensure that you decide on something that you think in. Additionally, make sure that the claims the product makes may be substantiated. It is a fantastic idea to pick something that’s unique and that can’t readily be obtained at a local shop or in a lesser cost.

If things aren’t going well for you regarding sales, do not take it out to the members of your down line. When things are not going well for you, this may often trickle down to other degrees on your group. If you’re in a recession, attempt to maintain up your spirits and present a positive prognosis. This can help maintain morale high in general, and you’ll quickly recover from the lull. You wish to make certain that you’re working with an honest, reputable business.

Despite the fact that you could have the ability to produce your own program and do a whole lot of your job from your home, you need to present a professional appearance and attitude towards clients and members of your group. Odds are you’re representing a huge company, which means that your professionalism is equally appropriate and valued.

Keep patient and stay dedicated. These failures frequently have to do with individuals searching for fast and effortless income strategies. Nothing is ever straightforward,but there is good money to be produced in MLMs if you’re patient and committed to the origin and improving yourself.

Become a fantastic article author. A terrific way of boosting your MLM opportunity and generating leads is post marketing. You have got to develop your confidence to write more posts. Do not think about these selling bits. You wish to write from the heart of topics associated with your products and company.

Always examine the breakdown of this pay strategy of any multi-level advertising opportunity that you research. There are two crucial questions to ask. The first is just how much of any purchase has kicked back monthly to vendors. The next thing that you wish to learn is the equity of the distribution of capital between older and newer members of their organization.

If you are likely to enjoy success out of your marketing business attempts, you have to have the perfect details. Luckily, you’ve just been given a few basic advice which can help you a terrific deal. Apply these suggestions as you proceed, and you can not help but succeed.


Is it dangerous if someone knows my IP address?

knowing ip address is dangerous

knowing ip address is dangerous

Many internet users seem to be worried about their IP address privacy. They want to know if it is dangerous when some other person knows which IP address they are using to access the internet. Well, if you ask me, I would say in normal circumstances it is not a dangerous thing as no common person can harm you just by knowing your IP address. To understand this you should take the example of your home address. Is this something you would share with everyone? Your answer would obviously be a resounding no. You can take your IP address just like you would your home address. After all, you have as much personal and valuable information (banking details etc.) on your computer.

Imagine, what if a criminal knew your home address? What if this criminal also knew your home address and he also knows about the doors which can be easily unlocked? And what if that criminal also knew the number of rooms in your house? In this case obviously, you should be worried about your security and the security of your house as well. When it comes to the internet, as I said earlier that IP address is just as your home address and then you have thousands of ports in your computer which you can think of as the doors in your home. And then you have applications and software which are just like rooms. So if a criminal knows your IP address, your open ports and what software you are using, you are definitely in trouble.

Obviously you would’t like to give your home address to strangers or criminals, same way you should hide your IP address from hackers or criminals in order to be on safe side.

How hackers use IP address to hack your computer

A hacker can be considered as a criminal who wants to steal your personal information and other credentials from your computer. Though every hacker is not bad, there are good hackers as well who works for the agencies to trace out the criminals. But normally word hacker is used as a thief or as a criminal person. So when a hacker knows your IP address he can use different software and algorithms to check which ports are open on your system.

check open ports with ip

We are not going to discuss how open ports can be find out by knowing the IP address but just as a hint, hackers can use CMD or other applications to know about your open ports. From these ports they can check which applications are attached with these open ports. For example if you are using FTP server it has a specific port 21 with it. With this hackers can also track which operating system you are using and can also find out the passwords with different tools.

Although a common person cannot do all these things but a hacker is specialized in this field so an IP address acts as the starting point that helps the hacker in hacking your system from where he can get your credit card details, personal data, saved passwords and all other stuff that you have on your computer. Once your computer is hacked by a hacker, he can use it for criminal activities as well.

So just if many people know your IP address it’s not dangerous but if there is a single criminal minded person who also knows your IP then you might be in big trouble.

How to protect your computer from hackers

Now when you know that a hacker can hack your computer by knowing your IP address you might want to know how you can protect your computer and yourself from this threat.

For this you need to follow the steps below as initial protection:

  • Always use registered operating system.
  • Don’t forget to install the latest updates provided by the operating system.
  • Always use Firewall to protect the open ports from hackers attack.
  • Always use paid applications instead of installing cracked and free low quality risky apps.
  • Use strong passwords on your system and change the password regularly.

These are the basic steps that you should take to avoid hacking risk but it is not all you have to do. A professional hacker can still enter into your computer by knowing your IP address and to get protected from those you need to hide your IP address as well from strangers.

To hide an IP address most commonly used and best way is to use a virtual private network (VPN). VPN hides your IP address and give you a new IP which is not relevant to your location and it bypass the ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are using. This is the best way to hide your IP address for any public or private network. Mostly VPN is used by every big company for the privacy and protection of their sensitive data. Most of the people take it wrongly as they think by using a VPN they don’t need the service of ISP. But this is wrong; to use a VPN you still need an internet connection provided by your local ISP. VPN will protect that network and hide your IP address from others.


Benefits of Listening to Music in Our Life

Music in Our Life

Music in Our Life

Whether you are someone who sings with headphones on and completely ignoring others at home or someone who listens to them silently and peacefully, admit it you cannot imagine your life without music. Do not just look at yourself. Those who are older than you, your grandparents and their parents, everybody listened to music. Obviously, music in the past was different than it is now but still, it has always been an important part of everyone’s life, particularly when they needed an escape from the busy life. Here are the benefits of listening to music

Quick Navigation: Free MP3 song Download

  • It makes you happy

While it might not get rid of all your troubles or have the capability to reduce them, it sure helps you to boost up. Many inspirational songs can make you stronger. Not just that, any type of music that you like can help in bringing a positive change in you. It can be that you are feeling bored while cooking and need a small distraction, you can play the music while you cook. Few minutes to your favorite music can make your brain allow dopamine to leave which makes you feel excited or happy.

  • It helps you sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, listen to music an hour before bedtime. Some individuals might even fall asleep while listening to it. Instead of watching a movie, reading a book or listening to an audio book, or simply not doing anything at all is not going to assist you. Few minutes of music can make you sleep like a baby. Some people cannot go to sleep because lots of worries fill their thoughts. It is normal since we have so many things to worry about and music can get rid of those stresses. There is no use of thinking about those matters before sleeping.

  • It helps ease pain

If you have physical pain in your body, music can eradicate it. You also have the ability to heal faster. Research shows that people who listen to music after their surgeries needed fewer medicines to heal. If your body is feeling relaxed you will also eat properly. All these lead to being healthy and healing quickly. It has a straight outcome on our hormones. When you listen to something you like, you will be able to handle pain a lot more than you can normally.

  • It lets you stay fit

Some people who are thinking of losing weight can listen to music. They will be able to increase their workout sessions as they will be distracted by their favorite songs. It makes boring exercising fun. Even if you are riding a bike or running, listening to music can make you work out double then you normally would have. Hence, it results in weight loss.

  • It raises IQ

There were studies showing where kids listening to music were more attentive in school than those who did not. Moreover, kids who played instruments were also much smarter than who did not take any sort of music lessons.

Besides these five reasons, there are lots more. It helps recover after exercise, improves blood vessel function, lessens anxiety and depression are some of them. It can work as a medicine or something therapeutic for many people.


How to Get the Best Emoji on Your Android Phone

Android Emoji on Newer Phones

The Greatest Android emoji experience might not arrive automatically, as most Android phones do not support the most recent emoji symbols. That can also mean that if your buddies on iOS send emoji for your own Android cellphone, all you see are small squares or even nothing. This advice can allow you to get the very best Android emoji you can.

For OLD Android Phones

It Requires an operating system upgrade to drive new Android emoji. For those who have an extremely old Android cellphone running a version earlier than 4.1, you will not have the ability to exhibit any emoji. To utilize emoji for texting on one of those devices, you want to put in a third party keyboard program and use Hangouts as your own texting program. Hangouts leaves its own emoji. Facebook and WhatsApp possess their particular emoji sets, which means you are going to be just fine with these programs. But there is no way to leave emoji at a browser or email within an Android cellphone this old.

To Switch your texting program to Hangouts, enter Hangouts on your mobile phone. Choose Settings > SMS > Switch On SMS. When it is on, return to your home display. Then open your program drawer. Today you can text using emoji.

To send emoji, you will want to download and set up an emoji-compatible computer keyboard in the Google Play Store. SwiftKey and Gboard Are good ones.

Android Emoji on Newer Phones

Newer Versions of Android service emoji, but they might not support all of the emoji your iPhone-owning buddies can see. That is because emoji become added with system updates, and Android phone manufacturers have a terrible habit of not updating their applications.

If You do not see emoji on your computer, you only have to turn them on. Proceed to Settings > Input and Language. Following that, it depends upon your device. You ought to be in a position to either tap Keyboard or decide on the Google Keyboard directly. Or, simply download and trigger SwiftKey.

And change out your texting program with it (in precisely the exact same manner as I clarified with Hangouts.) Textra not only has all of the most recent emoji, it’s optional add-ons that will show emoji from the iOS style.

You’re probably going to find a whole lot of “emoji computer keyboard” programs in the Play Store. Feel free to play together, however, realize that they won’t change how Emoji are shown in your phone, just the way you enter them.


How to Buy the Best Hybrid Bike

best mountain bike

My cousin bought a road bike after his doctor suggested him cycling for at least one hour a day. But as he lived in a mountainous area, he found off-road ridingsdifficult on the gravels. So if you are thinking of buying one simply to maintain fitness, don’t do the same mistake. If you ask me, then I’ll suggest going for a best hybrid bike. Now, you may ask why?

There are bikes designed for specific purposes. For example, racer bike, mountain bike etc. but a hybrid bike is in between the two. That is, it does the work of both a road and mountain bike. It’s heavier than a road bike but lighter than a mountain bike. Though not all-rounder, you can certainly call it versatile. The long and flat hand bars, the tires, brakes, all these make it comfortable to ride on. If you’re going to use it for general purpose, nothing can be better than this.

Now, are you convinced to go for a hybrid bike? But there are many brands and models out there in the market. So how to choose the best one? Simply, what’re the things you must check before you pick one? Let’s learn them.

Things to look for


You don’t want to buy a bike that you can’t even ride comfortably, do you? Yes, we are talking about the size. It relates to your body size. Too much big or too much small both would be uncomfortable.

One must be enabled of standing in the middle of the frame flattening the feet on either side. Also, you must be capable of raising or lowering the paddle so that your feet hit them comfortably. So try in the store to check whether the bike fits you.


The tires defend both your bike and life. Most of the hybrid bikes come with 700cc tires regardless of the size of the rim. This is because they can roll across small bumps in the roads easily. Also, make uphill traveling easier.

So check if the tires are big like that of mountain bikes. You don’t need such tires. If you can’t understand ask the salesman.


Hybrid bike has padded seats rather than covered with thin foam like they’re in racing or mountain bike. You can also look for suspension seat posts. This feature absorbs the shock on the ass we get during banging up a vertical slam suddenly.

But never ever raise the seat too high that it goes over the maximum stripe. It’s too dangerous!


Instead of steel, nowadays, most of the bike frames are either of aluminum or carbon. Both of them are rust resistant and strong enough. The carbon frame is lighter but at the same time costs more than aluminum. So it depends upon your budget what type of frame you’ll go for.


When you’re riding, it’s important that you can break the speed safely. So it’s important to ensure that your bike has brakes and they works properly.

The linear braking system of peg hybrid bikes is very popular. These fit in almost all situations even when the ground is wet and muddy. While breaking, they provide more control. It’s another reason why I suggested you hybrid bikes.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes


The first thing to check is whether the gears are strong and of high quality.

Modern bikes have gears, from 16 to 30. If you’re using the bike only for commuting, then the number of bike doesn’t matter. But if you want to cross long distances riding this, then you should check the details.

If you use the bike mostly along canals or street, then a single gear bike will be enough. But if you often travel rocky areas, then you’ll need super low climbing gearing. Whatever you pick, don’t forget to ask the shop guy to show you how the gear works.


The front suspension forks are another feature that will give you better comfort. They absorb the effect of shocks produced from mashing into potholes or bumping up and down. They also help to maintain the hand position on the hand bars while you’re bashing against something. They ensure you a smooth ride compelling the bike to take the hit.

But a bike with suspension will need you a minimum budget of $700. If you can’t go up this, then you have to go for a bike without suspension.

Watch this video on MTB Buyers Guide – What You Need To Know

Final Verdict

A best bike may look perfect when you first look it from the outside. But you don’t get to know if it has any fault unless you ride on it. So like the test drive, take a test ride! Observe whether you’re having the feeling of comfort and freedom.

Have a safe ride!

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Console Gaming Versus PC Gaming



There has forever been a debate about console gaming versus computer gaming. Over the last 10 years, both computer systems and video game consoles have seen dramatic rises in hardware capabilities and because gaming has become so popular, this debate is one that will never go away. So what is better, consoles or computers for gaming? The reality is that there are a few differences between these 2 gaming platforms and in this article we will talk about them.

Let’s start with upgrades. Computers, when used for gaming have the distinct advantage that they can be upgraded. If you want to play one of the latest and most demanding games on the market today, computer users have the ability to upgrade their graphics cards, CPU and RAM to make their computer capable of playing a particular game. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with consoles. Consoles like Playstation and XBOX are only released once every few years and when they come out, gamers have to put up with the hardware they come with until the next release, which could take years.

Modding: It’s well known that the internet is filled with online modding communities where users can download and apply mods to PC games. This is another advantage that computer gamers have over console gamers. Here, gamers can add new cars, maps and other addons to make games appear richer in graphics and smoother in gameplay. With console owners, this is usually not possible.

You might also be interested in reading: Which Console Should You Get In 2017?

Plug And Play: This is one where consoles win. When you buy a console and a game, all you really need to do is plug and then play. This is the greatest advantage of consoles and is why they are so appealing to people. With computer systems, users will have to manually install the game, download critical updates via internet download and then tweak a wide range of graphics and controller options before they can enjoy playing the video game. This can be frustrating and has been the reason why many prefer consoles.

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, consoles are much more affordable than computer systems. Sometimes the cost of a graphics card alone can be more than a complete console. Gaming computer systems can sometimes cost 5 times the amount of a console which is once again why a lot of people still prefer to buy a console.

So, in the end, there are many pro’s and cons of both platforms and its really up to gamers to decide for themselves.


The Best Folding Knife Should Come in Thought

Folding Knife

Folding Knife

Getting a best possible folding knife appears to be a gigantic work in the very competitive markets where manufactures are not slipping away from their ways, saying and keeping their products atop of being a number one in the word. We are confused to touch which is taking on what! But a determination, in case of a folding knife or folding bike, your interest on buying strength is all in all. Yes, it needs more attention of how to use it and hence it is important to find out the goals of using manual. Sometimes, a best hunter folding knife is never going to embrace the requirements of backpacking or camping on the hills. On the other hand, an EDC pocket knife is not ideally compatible knife for tactical and survival issues. So, your own decision and avid interest can assess the types of knife ideal for you before a final go.   

Taking decision of type

Your purpose base decision for a best folding knife helps you choose easier a proper unit for an optimal usage of everyday requirements. However, if you feel bored to mention from an uncertainty state, below is help for you to match the right pick that suits you according to your using criteria. Let’s see how they speak to you.

Camping and hiking knife

It looks difficult jobs to be done in bare hands. But a tiny handsome best folding knife will be all about helping you respective services you scheduled beforehand. A Swiss army knife or an EDC pocket knife is the best for the activities to enhance your expedition in a time frame. Especially, your backpacking with a heavy load for a long distance, a best folding knife, no doubt, a promise of a successful mission and a safe return home as lively as you were in inception. There are different types of folding knives, but some are from https://foldingreviews.com/best-folding-knife/ considered as popular and most useful with some other types usable based on your daily needs. The price is also affordable and budget friendly.   

Best hunting knife

Many are numbering one a drop pint knife for hunting.  The advantage that a drop point knife is curved blade, thick, strong and sturdy. Lasts long even in heavy duty. In the field, it is not truth to undermine it as it performing well with stripping game. At hunting, cutting forest to make a suitable place for shooting easiness. The ability of the edge retains long if once is sharpened well. The satisfaction in hunting it shares is enjoyable and encouraging.

Best survival knife

A survival knife is a company at your lonely peril that provides instant helps and a safe return home. The material of survival knife is generally of stainless steel and high lab tested so that it does not a contact to be bent while spinning around to repel the enemies form site. It basically is designed in partially serrated and straight pointed to as retaliation attack enemies.  

Tactical folding knife

It’s a single purpose folding blade knife. Not for all those are not concerned to a defense related jobs. This is only for the people involved in defense, military, army, navy and other administrative security level issues. The best folding tactical knife can be deployed at ant situation easily. So, popular for all concern deal with this type.

Best folding combination knife

A lot of combination knives offer the stunning features as they are mostly used a all-in-one. It’s a type of maternal knife that includes various types of instrumental tool kits such as screwdrivers, sockets, plus-point, minus-point, scissors, chisels, spirit levels and more.

Lastly, all the types are anyway useful for the particular type of goals in our human society to get an enhancement in work. So, the above mentioned knives are taking an important part in our regular life style. It will continue as long as we survive on the earth of entertainment. Happy to share my thoughts on knife-pose.