The Modern PBX Telephonic Systems Tends to Fulfill Today’s Business Telecommunication Needs

The Yealink T21P IP Phone is a basic level phone that efficiently meets the basic needs of a PBX system required by any organization. The modern PBX (Private Branch Exchange) System significantly enhances the success rate of any organization adopting it.

With such Yeastar PBX System, your business will no longer encounter frequent customer complains about busy phone lines whenever trying to reach your customer support representatives. Therefore, no more of time wasting listening to the voice recording while you are waiting in the queue on the phone to talk to a company representative regarding your issue.

Now, these SIP phones make telecommunication quite inexpensive for a certain Company; learn how.

The connection to the external world is supplied by the normal telecommunication companies via the traditional copper wire phone lines. You can simply connect these SIP phones to the traditional telephonic line provided by the authorized telecommunication Company in your operating region. What the PBX System does is connect all the Yealink T21P IP Phones within your organization via your internet connection that your Company is already using. This makes the calling system of your organization very cheap.

Every staff member of such a Company is then assigned an individual operator number. These internet based calls are then diverted to the available phone operator if the one connected to is already engaged. This system is very beneficial and is being highly adopted especially by the call center agencies situated in multiple numbers in all states worldwide.

Often clients have emergency consultation concerns; this PBX telephone system is therefore, a blessing for such individuals. The modern PBX system integrated into these SIP-T2 series phones also enables access to the most needed mobility feature. Now you can have remote access to your Organization’s landline system made for the customers, right from your cell phones. Therefore, no more worries if you an employee of a call center company that has incorporated Yealink T21P IP Phones for their professional tasks. It is very easy to answer the customer connected to your operator number even if you are not in your seat.

This phone can also be wall mounted; you can conveniently position it on the vertical part of your desk and view the caller details on its wide LCD screen with a graphical display of five lines and resolution of  132×64 Pixels. For enhanced voice clarity over the internet connection, it is featured with VoIP.  For compatibility with distant internet networks, it is integrated with dual 10/100 Mbps ports.

You can save a big list of phone numbers necessary for your business use in its Phonebook, with every number displayed right on its screen with just one touch. The POE feature enables intact, uninterrupted and safe connections. This modified T21P has a backlight as well. Therefore, the user can easily view its screen display in dim light.

Other acknowledgeable features of Yealink T21P IP Phone:

  • 2 lines that are clearly visible
  • The integrated speaker that enables you to listen to the call and answer it without the receiver. This can be helpful if you are tired holding the receiver for long or if you want someone else to participate in the conversation at your end
  • Conference call: This is of aid if the conversation includes a query of the caller that you cannot answer like an expert and feel your colleague to have the expertise to have a better answer. It is preferable than diverting the call. The caller may also wish to add someone in the conversation.
  • Two SIP and two VOIP accounts
  • Direct IP call without SIP proxy
  • Supports XML Browser, HTTPS and SRTP


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