How to Properly Choose your Biking Shoes

mountain biking shoes

Leaving behind the standard street shoes and buying specific mountain bike shoes for the practice of this sport is a major step in the evolution of any cyclist. If you are thinking of buying a pair of biking shoes (or renewing ones that you already have to have some that fit your workouts and your pace), you are gaining quality, power, and speed in your pedaling.

For you to choose with your choice, from Giant we recommend to take into account the following aspects:

  1. What kind of cyclist do you practice? Are you more road or mountain? If you usually drive by road, you must decant for rigid soles; on the other hand, if you move on abrupt terrain, you will need a greater degree of flexibility and, even, tacos to walk comfortably when you land.
  2. Do you use automatic pedals or calfoils? Always make sure your sneakers are compatible with the restraint system you have on your best mountain bike.
  3. How is the climate of the places where you train and compete? In case the cold prevails, you will need sneakers that keep your feet warm, while for hot environments the priority will be lightweight and breathable materials.

Once you start evaluating concrete models, make sure:

The closing system is comfortable and safe, an essential circumstance to prevent accidents. In this sense, one of the best in the market is the BOA system, since it allows regulating in the instep the level of subjection of the slipper by means of threads.

You choose the right size, keeping in mind that the foot expands in summer and in warm environments. Do not squeeze it! Do not trust that a model that you narrow will yield with the time, or probably you will suffer more of a friction.

Easier and More Efficient Pedaling With Giant Mes Technology

Giant biking shoes have been designed following our Dynamic Cycling Fit (DCF) philosophy, which aims to win users power, efficiency and comfort in their pedaling by optimizing the performance of each of the elements when they are in motion when the cyclist is in the race.

The DCF philosophy applied to biking shoes has given rise to Motion Efficiency System (MES) technology, designed to increase the effectiveness of the runner’s natural pedaling cadence and provide better results. The key is to achieve the right combination of rigidity and flexibility in the design of the sole and the rest of the pieces, for which we use the ExoBeam, ExoWrap and ExoFlex innovations:

  • The ExoBeam technology consists in matching the areas of rigidity with the forefoot, the area of the foot that exerts greater pressure on the pedal with pedaling; while discharging and reducing the tension in the rest, allowing a freer and rested movement.
  • The ExoWrap innovation works together with ExoBeam to ensure the ergonomics of the shoes and their fit to the entire foot.
  • Finally, ExoFlex technology, which is especially present in Off-Road shoes, allows the movement of the toes independently of the rest of the ExoBeam, which improves traction and comfort in terrain difficult.


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