Choosing A Resume Template For Microsoft Word

If you are here, then you definitely know what a resume template is and why you need to use one today. Well, let us move forward and see what resume templates exist and when they should be used. There are three main professional resume templates, distinguished by the format in which they display information. These are: chronological, functional and computational. Here, we shall look at each individually and see the best situations during which they can be used. Before we start, check out modern resume templates download or the best resume template microsoft word.

  1. Chronological resume template

This is the resume template that has been in use for the longest time. It is preferred by many employers since it gives them an easy time to read through and assess the applicant. In this type of resume template, there is as sections called Experience. In this section, the work history and the relevant achievements are listed together. It showcases your history and achievements together. This helps employers to quickly make the decision of hiring you or moving on to the next applicant. For people that have a perfect work history or a work history that is consistent, this is the best template to help showcase you in the best of light.

  1. Functional resume template

This is a modern resume template that most employers look down upon. This is not a bad resume template, but it takes a lot of time to read and piece together, making it difficult for employers to make a decision quickly or assess someone in the shortest time possible. In this resume template, the work history is well detailed in its own section and the relevant achievements are also placed aside in another section. The achievements come first and the work history later in other sections of the resume. This is a resume that gained fame in the 1990s as it helped people that frequently changed carriers to gain favor. It also worked well for the mothers that were coming back from other duties that had pulled them from the workforce. There are people that have a lot of resume problems, things that would raise red flags like having 7 different jobs in different sectors in a period of two years or having resume gaps. Such a resume would not feature well in any other template; the functional template is best for this case.

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  1. Combinational resume template

This is more of a hybrid resume template, combining the best features of both the functional and chronological templates. In simpler terms, it is a chronological resume that where the skill headings are inserted into the work chronology. This type of professional resume template is thebest fit for a career change resume, climbing up your current career ladder and for listing all the unpaid work that is relevant to the objective of your job.


These are the three major professional templates. Every modern resume template falls in one of these three categories. You can make use of any depending on the job that you are applying for, and there is a high probability that you will be selected to go on an interview on merit.


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