RFID Wallet: A Guardian against Digital Identity Theft

rfid wallets

Since the Technological era sun has been shining on its full glory. There have been few hiccups here and there for the people using digital means of their personal information. Nowadays nobody cares to carry paper or the cash in the wallets. But they do tend to use the new RFID based technology. As the technology has grown fast there has been some loopholes along the way. One of those loopholes is identity theft.

Yes, such kind of theft may have been seen in the movies but this threat has actually materialized now. When such danger occurs different IT companies make their mission to find the solution to the problem. Hence the Solution is RFID wallets.

What are RFID wallets?

Well, you might not know the idea of the RFID wallets but this has been present in front of us the whole time. Consider RFID wallet a soundproof room where singers and vocal artist do their recording. The soundproof room has no extra sound. The only sound that is present there is the singer or vocalist singing voice. RFID wallets work as a round shield to protect against the theft of money and personal information. These wallets are sometimes also called as the insulator. They don’t let any kind of radio frequency inside the wallet.

Why are RFID Wallets needed?

These wallets are used for the protection against money theft also known as credit card skimming, Passport theft is also known as identity theft and driving license theft. Manufacturing companies are now using different radio frequency based chips that are embedded in the credit cards, passport, and licenses. These chips enhance the speed of user identification on different portals. But they are also the cause of the theft mentioned above. For such reasons, RFID wallets were introduced. So that users can have safe passage and use these technologies without being worried about the theft.

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What is the cost of RFID wallets?

The RFID wallets are very cost effective. But one shouldn’t ask for the price when such large value of an asset is at the stake. I have already got mine RFID wallet because it is better to be safe then be sorry later. RFID wallets are built to provide surety over hesitation of the customer. There are different kind companies out their which are selling such kind of wallets. The wallets are made on one core idea to keep the thief out.


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