Romancing With The Pages Of Literature: 4 Most Talked About Romantic Novels By Indian Authors

Romance is an idea that is loved by us to its core. We are those bunch of people who love to love the concept of love and romance. Be it the Yash Chopra or Karan Johar classic or the eternal beauty of Taj Mahal, our country is wrapped with the ideas of romance in every layers. One of our mythological epics Ramayana, was an extension of the love affair between Lord Rama and his wife Sita. So, this Aashiqui is not just a today’s story, but lasts a lifetime. While talking of the idea of love and romance, I guess, literature is that sphere where we all love to relish the love-affair of the hero and heroine. Here are some of those great love stories woven in the pages of literature for you and you can get these as Valentine gifts for her.

Seven Days without you by AnmolRana

When you first felt about love and romance? Must be in childhood or that beautiful phase between being child and entering adulthood. Well, the cute love stories of childhood were supposedly the best ones. All through our life, we may be finding that kind of love full of innocence and simplicity. The writer here has narrated a heart wrenching tale that is under-rated but would be loved for sure.

2 States by ChetanBhagat

While talking about the modern love stories, one just cannot ignore this book that were sold like hot cakes really. With its rendition on screen, it seemed to have climbed a notch higher in popularity. I remember in college days, when I read this one, I could actually see each and every page come live in my room with its SambhaDaal vs. Butter Chicken war. An absolutely filmy love story for you all. And you also get an idea of proposing here – with a ring for each family member apart from the bride.

I loved a Street girl by Nitin VinayKhare

An injured and retired army officer starts a journey of exploring the old and forgotten cities and villages of our country and in this journey a mystery girl named Umrao is his companion who disappears as the journey end. He realizes that the girl he fell in love with belongs to the debarred streets of some unknown land. What a love story!

Beautiful Red Rose Image

Beautiful Red Rose Image

Accidentally In Love by Nikita Singh

How does a girl cope up with varied shades of love relationships? This is what the writer has talked about in this endearing novel. Your girlfriend would simply love it and along with a bunch of red roses this would be the best Valentine gift for her.


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