Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Record 1000 fps Slow Motion Video, Naver Claimed

Almost every day we got leaked news about the Samsung’s next big thing Galaxy S8 and S8 plus which is going to be released in few days at the end of this month. Apart from the leaked pictures of Galaxy S8 there are many rumors about the rear camera according to which it will be 12 megapixels which is somehow unexpected as many were expecting the 16 megapixels camera in the upcoming model. But according to few reports this 12 megapixels camera will have some improvements in technology and also front facing camera will be improved.

The Korean news website Naver has claimed that Samsung will use a DRAM as a buffer memory in the sensor of rear camera to achieve the video recording at 1000 frames per second. With this feature of 1000 fps video recording, Galaxy S8 will be able to record the slow motion videos with best results.

Recently it’s SONY who introduced video recording in slow motion at 960 frames per second in its Xperia Z2 Premium with its 19 megapixels camera which is using IMX400 camera sensor. Galaxy S8 will use some other advanced sensor to record higher frames per second slow motion video.

Of course there will be many improvements in image capturing capabilities of rear 12 megapixels camera but there are some other improvements as well in front facing camera which will be reportedly 8 megapixels and will have auto focus capability. IRIS scanner will also be improved by a small 3.7 megapixel camera for improved eye recognition.

According to some more rumors, Samsung upcoming flagship model Galaxy S8 will have 5.8” dual curved AMOLED display with very thin bezels. Snapdragon 835 chipset will be used along with 4 GB RAM while China will get the same model with 6GB RAM. The bigger version Galaxy S8 plus will have the main difference of 6.2” big screen and battery with more capacity of about 3500 mAh. These leaked photos of Galaxy S8 also shows that it will come with no front home button on it. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus will be released in just 10 days so wait and see if these rumors come true or not. Apart from these rumors, Samsung Galaxy S8 price in Pakistan will be announced very soon, subscribe our blog to get latest updates on Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.


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