How To Choose A Security Camera System For Your Home

Security cameras are among the most efficient tools that any homeowner can get to deter burglars. Apart from keeping your property safe from intruders, security camera systems also let you check everything going on in and out your home even when you are miles away.

But, with the plethora of choice you can find in the market right now, choosing the most suitable security camera for your home might get tricky.

If you are looking for the perfect security camera to protect your home, here are some of the most important things you might want to consider:

Camera Type and Style

When looking for the right kind of security camera, first, you have to determine where you are planning to install it. If you prefer a camera which can monitor your front door or lawn, you might need an outdoor camera. These cameras are weatherproof so they can withstand temperature changes. If you want a camera for monitoring your nursery or living room, an indoor camera is what you should get.

Aside the type, the style of the camera must be taken into consideration as well. Bullet and dome-shaped cameras are the common options here. Bullet cameras are more effective in keeping off intrusion and burglaries due to their high visibility. Meanwhile, dome-shape cameras make it difficult for people to figure out where the camera looks at. It also has wider field of vision compared to regular security cameras.

Quality of Image

About 80% of footages from surveillance systems have poor quality of images. It results to them being unhelpful during investigations. If you want to take full advantage of your security camera, go for those with higher resolution and one that can record high definition image quality. You might also want to step further by choosing a camera with night vision feature and can record fine footages even in dark surroundings.


Security cameras must be installed on all exit and entry points in your home. Since you will require several cameras, you will be better off with a scalable unit. It is to ensure that you will be free from inconveniences associated with adding several cameras and their licenses.


Many security cameras have online storage account. if you plan to buy these cameras, you have to verify the security of the encryption and its process. Also, you have to determine the strength of your password. Since low security can easily put your information and recordings at risk for the hackers, it will be better to check and recheck.

Meanwhile, there are units which can store recordings locally. It will be more beneficial if you would like to get a physical copy of surveillance footages. But, if you want to take advantage of the ability to access your security feeds anywhere and anytime, you can consider saving these online.

Remote Monitoring Features

Features for remote monitoring have become a staple in many of today’s security cameras. You will not have a difficult time in looking for a unit which will let you keep tabs on your home or property using your computer or smartphone.

Remote surveillance also lets you get warnings ahead of time in case of any event at home. Once combined with motion sensors, you can also verify a burglary even before it takes place. This can also help you in taking immediate action. For instance, if you see smoke, you can call the local authorities faster so a full blown fire can be prevented from happening.

A good security camera for your home is a good means of preventive measure for your property to stay as safe and protected as possible at all times.


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