Get Your Smartphone Security Using New Trend Of Lock Screen

Lock screen in your Android Smartphone providing you with several basic functions and do their main job. But now, the lock screen applications not only able to secure your Smartphone. It is further function for your Smartphone. The lock screen application had been change which offers you something different. Similar with your Android Smartphone, you can manage and choose the best lock screen for your need. for the Android user, you can download the applications through Google Play Store.

If you get bored with your default look screen in your Smartphone, you may need several functions that offer you with something new from android, they are:

  1. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is lock screen with the simple look but still clear and minimalist design. This is useful to make your easier to access your notifications from your look screen. You’d not need to open your lock screen; you only need to swipe to see your notifications, the lock screen show the standard function, such as: time, date, battery presentations, etc. you can choose certain picture as your look screen background as well. you also able to set up the active mode to make your Smartphone still lightening up when you need to take inside your pocket or sensory.

  1. GO Locker.

This is becomes the best one from the Android Lock Screen, you can see that over than 100 million user had been use this application through Google Play Store and has solid rating around 4.4 from 5 starts. Go Locker derived with the many choices to set your theme in your lock screen. Besides that, you able to choose your application or widget that you want to add in your lock screen so you can access certain applications easier. You can get the theme for free pr paid theme as well.

  1. C-Locker

C-Locker provides the easier interface that makes you able to navigate your part Smartphone when you open. You can swipe the camera icon in your lock screen without need to lock off your Smartphone, you also able to set your wallpaper for your default background that you use in lock screen.

  1. Hidden lock

This lock screen is the other way to prevent the individuals or thief’s to get the access from your Smartphone, after you download and activate the Hidden Lock, you need to look the setting for lock application then decide what you want to use to set how large the unlock ikon. Then you icon lock will be hidden and you need to remember as well. This lock screen is so difference and more secure as well.

  1. Solo locker

This application as known as a DIY locker and give the higher choice to make your look screen custom. You can make your unique lock screen for your interface style in your password, so you need to tap the photos that you choose in order to open your password.

Benefit using lock screen applications:

  1. You can make your shortcut in your lock screen.
  2. More secure.
  3. You able to customize your look screen.
  4. The features.

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