Symantec Promotes Internet Safety With New Norton Coupons

Because of the way the internet is set up and is open and accessible to anybody with a computer, tablet or smartphone, it can be something of a minefield when it comes to internet security. Businesses and individuals, particularly smaller members of the household, are more at risk to malicious intrusions through their connected devices than ever before.

Malicious code attached to regular correspondence, apps designed to steal data from phones and tablets, code designed to cripple networks. There is a very credible threat to business and personal use, and the need for better protection against these threats has never been more serious.

Symantec’s Answer To Hackers

There is a lot of internet security software on the market so what does Norton Security Deluxe add in terms of features, benefits and is it worth its cost? With the help of a Norton security coupon, finding out has never been easier but let’s take a look at the software first and how it can benefit you, your business and even your family.

Norton Security Deluxe represents the best line in security from Norton, no matter how you connect to the internet. Instant value-added benefits include:

  • PC, Mac, Android & iOS device protection with just one subscription.
  • Risky smartphone apps? Our award-winning technology can alert you before you download them
  • Norton Security Deluxe alerts you to potential social media fraud and other suspicious content
  • Blocks and alerts to infected, dangerous downloads
  • Frees up space by cleaning your hard drive

This edition represents the latest, most robust release of the award-winning security software by Symantec. A year’s subscription will provide cover for up to 5 devices, across 4 platforms, which is likely to plenty of protection for the average family and even small business.

Norton security software has been shown to be more reliable, faster and more secure than its nearest competitor which really is saying a lot these days. The Deluxe edition comes with several benefits over the standard edition, including support for multiple devices but also allows handy access to a web portal so you can manage the security of your devices remotely.


Of course, as great as this software is and will undoubtedly help keep internet users safe and secure, there are always downsides. While not a major issue if done right at the end of an existing subscription, it should be noted that if you renew a subscription early, the remaining time is not carried over so that is worth keeping in mind when renewal day is creeping closer.

That being said, don’t allow existing subscriptions to run out, not even by a single day, as this will affect backups stored in the Vault.

Norton Coupons and Deals

On the whole, Norton Security Deluxe is an excellent safeguard and comes highly recommended. To help your money go further, however, you should check out these offers and coupons, grab them while they are still around:

  • Am/azon, 54% off
  • Qetes up to 55% off
  • Groupon, up to 60% off
  • Coupon.com, save up to 90$ on a 2-year subscription

As is the nature of discounts and coupons, it cannot be predicted just how long the offers will remain open so it’s worth jumping over now and taking a look. Either way, other coupons, and offers are sure to open up again – everybody loves a bargain, and every company loves making a sale, after all.


Faran Akhtar is a Computer System Engineer and he loves to write on technology, especially mobiles and laptops. He can also help in providing useful tips to fix your mobiles with simple tricks. He is a regular author of Az-Katalog and many other online blogs.


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  2. My experiences with internet security software are not good at all. Don’t know why, but it happens always that when I don’t have any security software, my computer runs smoothly but the day when I install a security software, my computer start doing problems. I am not sure why it does so. Any clue?

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