Before Buying a Tank Water Heater You Should Know Which Type is Perfect for You

The construction of water heaters has totally changed tremendously in the past 10 years. These are reliable, safer, more effective, require less space, and are more cost effective than ever before. Modern water heaters can save you 12% to 40% over your old water heating unit.

Water heaters are part of the entire “Home Comfort System” of your home. Endless hot water can now continually be on-tap, based on which version or style of water heater you have. A reputable hot water heater will increase your standard of living and add to the value of your residence.

There are two general sorts of tank style water heaters. There is the style most typically seen in older homes called “Gas Storage” (gas because which is the fuel it requires, and storage as a result of the water storage tank). Today’s Natural gas Storage water heater is far more functional and safer than earlier tank style water heaters.

The modern alternate options in tank water heaters are Condensing Water Heating Systems. These specific water heating unit also have a tank, but employ new revolutionary technology.

 Gas Storage Water Heaters

A professional Plumbing contractor can setup almost any standard brand water heater based on your need, but if you’re planning to buy a Gas Storage Water Heating system, we advised the Rheem Water Heaters. The main competitor of Rheem is Rinnai heater. Consider a High-Efficiency Gas Storage if you already have a gas storage water heater which needs to be changed, and:  

  • Want to avoid the additional upfront cost of newer technology.
  • Don’t need the extra spaces a tankless water heater can provide.
  • Want routine installation and maintenance.

Updating to a completely new High-Efficiency Gas Storage can end up saving you about 7% of your water heating bills from outdated models. And, the new innovative Gas Storage versions have additional safety attributes (ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance). Please bear in mind that a large amount of Gas Storage water heaters  do not qualify for the new government rebate programs, however, they may be eligible for the Gas Company rebate program.

Installations come with appropriate earthquake strapping to the studs, modern flex water lines, an innovative new flex gas line, along with a new safety Temperature & Pressure Relief valve.

Condensing Tank Water Heaters

Most of these water heaters deliver “continues hot water” just like a tankless unit. A.O. Smith is an old and dependable brand in the plumbing business, offering the technologically advanced top notch products. Take into consideration an innovative new A.O. Smith Condensing Water Heater if:

  • You want endless hot water.
  • You are looking for high efficiency and want to save on your monthly water-heating bill.
  • The space of a tank style water heater is not an issue.
  • Want to avoid the costs that may be associated with installing a tankless system.
  • Want routine installation and maintenance.

And A.O. Smith Condensing Water Heater functions on a standard natural gas line, an electrical outlet (no special wiring is required), and does not need a pre-filter.

Besides, A.O Smith, Condensing Water Heating systems do qualify for the Southern California Gas Company rebates and new government rebates.


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