The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Becoming An SEO Expert

SEO is a great way to increase your ranking on search engines (including Google). By achieving a higher ranking, you ensure your website is more visible and can result in more traffic and conversions.

SEO for any website is important because not many people even check the second page of Google. This means if you aren’t on the first page you aren’t likely to be found. SEO is a fairly complex world and there are so many different components to take into consideration.

You may think it’s difficult to become an SEO expert in an SEO company, but really it isn’t that hard. But once you are an expert, it will take a lot of your time and will require you to work hard and develop reliable strategies. For some businesses, they have no other choice but to become an SEO expert because they lack the funds to enlist the assistance of a professional.

Here is a guide that lists specific areas which will help you become an SEO expert:

Website speed

Your website speed is important because it is one of the factors that determine your ranking in search engines. As well as this, people are not interested in waiting for a website to load, so the longer it takes, the greater the chance they will abandon their search.

Slow And Fast Download Speed Icons, Vector Illustration

Slow and fast download speed icons vector illustration

To test your website speed you can use a free tool by Google. All you have to do is put in your URL and it will give you the speed in a ranking between 0 and 100.

Your site speed will also be impacted by the web host service you choose. If the hosting server has too many websites and not enough space, this will slow down the speed of all the websites.


Before the launch of your website, you will need to resolve where you are going to host the server from. The hosting server you choose is likely to depend on your business goals. Web hosting means your website is able to be viewed by a network or modem through creating more space on the server.

Headlines, meta-descriptions & page titles

These components are necessary for you to understand and use effectively if you want to work in an SEO company and become theSEO expert. Headlines and descriptions are what users read and it will determine if they are interested enough to click onto your site and continue to read.

It is important that your headline and description are both interesting and relevant. You want to give users a reason to click onto your website and you don’t want them to be disappointed when they do.

technology, home, people and lifestyle concept – smiling man working with laptop at home


Links are one of the most important components of SEO and to be an expert you will need to create quality links back to your website. A backlink sends a message to Google that your website is of high authority and relevance. This helps to give your website a better ranking.

The backlinks have to be quality though. Poor backlinks will result in Google taking action against your website, which may include a penalty. There is no quick way to go about link building; it will take a lot of time and hard work.


Make sure you include a site map for your website. A sitemap helps search engines determine where they need to go on your website. Sitemaps are fairly easy to include on your website and they usually play more importance for a search engine then they do for a person looking at your website.

Doing SEO yourself will take a lot of hard work and dedication. You will have to commit fully and work at it every day in order to see results. There is nothing worse in SEO than stopping and starting! If you find you do not have the time required to give SEO a red-hot crack, then you should enlist the assistance of a local SEO agency.


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