The Facts About Celebrity Getting Plastic Surgery

“We are all fearfully and wonderfully made”. At least that is what the Bible tells us but most of our celebrities will argue otherwise. They have managed to prove us wrong time and again that when it comes to beauty, God does not have the final say. In this day and age, you can look like Trump, transform yourself into Obama, then Kanye West and then back to Donald Trump. That is the magic of plastic surgery.

plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery

In a world where looks are everything, Hollywood has managed to turn plastic surgery into something as regular as going for a weekly checkup. Probably all of the women you lust for on your TV screen did not look like that 10 or 15 years ago. If you are good at digging deep, take a look at these 75 plastic surgery gone wrong pictures at elitecelebsmag.com and you will definitely find solid proof in terms of “before and after” pictures.

All morals aside, some celebrities have managed to totally nail it and come out on the other side looking extremely gorgeous. They immediately turned into superstars and started racking in serious cash. Sadly for many others, the whole shebang was a complete disaster and they ended up causing more damage. How many times have you heard of lip surgery gone wrong or the celebrity coming out looking like a CGI character?

Many gorgeous women have tried to pull a “Kylie Jenner” with their lips but ended up looking like they were stung by a thousand bees. Put great emphasis on the word “gorgeous” because these women were completely stunning but decided it wasn’t enough.

Plastic Surgery

Just to make you understand the weight of this disaster, here are some names that quickly come to mind: Farrah Abrahams, Lindsay Lohan, Melanie Griffith, Nikki Cox, Courteney Cox, Courtney Love, Donatella Versace; we could literally go on for days. All these wonderful women chose to forego their natural beauty for fuller lips and the results? Well, let’s just say if we were to compile a list of the 200 most beautiful women in Hollywood, they won’t feature anymore.

Career Saver

Plastic surgery has become the new career saver. If you feel like you are getting old and you need younger roles to still milk more cash from the industry, get a younger face. If you want to get into adult films but you feel like you are not that blessed in the chest and rear end department, get fake ones. It has reached a point where it is not that astonishing anymore. Hell, even Michael Jackson did it! And it was from head to toe.

What beats logic is the fact that most of these women were absolutely breathtaking. That is the reason why they were in the limelight in the first place. The world warmed up to them because of how beauty came to them naturally. It was just effortless. It is so sad that they gave in to the pressure that comes with fame and ruined the one thing that got them there in the first place; their “natural” beauty.

Lucky are the few who came out victorious. It’s a pity that the “failed attempts” form the biggest percentage of the statistics.


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