The Promotional Marketing Of Audi With Blackspace On The IAA In Frankfurt

Look at the  Change of Perspective. you will be surprised to see the innovation idea of the great car company. On the Frankfurt Motor Show, they amazed the whole crowd by demonstrating their  Audi’s innovative technical solutions. It was an advanced new stand point of fresh inspiring  Hanging City. The idea of Audi with Blackspace on the IAA in Frankfurt, inspires fresh perspectives. Visitors  get  to see the innovative demands on prospect outlook of mobility.

Yes it was a awesome view. the 2013 dynamic design model is starkly geometric. in the show you can see the 4m-high mirrored band surrounds the Frankfurt building.  It seems as the whole structure is floating all on the sky. That is the reason it is being called as The Hanging City.

This is a good promotional campaigns of the brand building activity. This business stunt in turns attracts more fans of the business in a wide outreach program. This promotional technique is useful, but for the targeted customer only. Promotion is nothing but to a technique you use to spread your words regarding your product and services to the target customer, stakeholders and the public at large. So before doing any promotion first you need to investigate the matter a little and find out the real target market. The identification of the market is the most important thing before appealing the prospective customer. Once this is done, then you can make your business promotion by advertising, referrals, personal selling and public relation.

Promotional marketing Audi with Blackspace on the IAA in Frankfurt can be best utilized when combined with all the strategies for a long term basis. Marketing is not a short term task rather it should be practiced for a long period of time for a better result.

Another way of doing promotional marketing is the promotional marketing campaign. The social media like twitter and Facebook does promotional marketing campaign. They already have a good targeted customer for it. You just have to attract them with good giveaways for your promotional plan.

Promotional marketing can be done both online and offline. A most popular and effective way of promotional marketing is a giveaway. Giveaways are the prizes like pens, cap or any other product that the business company distributes to attract their customers.


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