Things to consider before choosing a web hosting provider for your domain

You can read a lot of blogs and a lot of reviews about different hosting providers and you will find good and bad about every hosting provider. Though checking reviews is a good idea but it’s not like that just only based on user’s review you can select a hosting provider for you. There are a lot of factors which you should consider and then you have to decide whether the hosting provider suits your needs or not.


Here are the few factors which you should consider before buying a hosting service:

UpTime: When you are going online, the main purpose is to get customers to increase your sales or you want visitors to earn by monetizing your content. In both cases, you won’t feel good if your site goes down and you lose your customers or visitors. Though most of the hosting providers claim to provide 99% uptime and everyone knows that no one can claim 100% performance and uptime. Many bloggers don’t know that there is a standard to check the uptime. If some host is claiming to have 99% uptime it means their hosting can be down for almost 7 hours and 12 minutes in 30 days. While if some hosting server is claiming to have 99.9% they could be down for almost 43 minutes and 12 seconds in 30 days. According to the same standard if any hosting provider claim to have uptime of 99.99% then it could be down for only 4 minutes and 19 seconds in 30 days. So you should be very careful about what is the uptime? Whether it is 99% or it is 99.99%??

Page Load Speed: Load time of your website is very important. If you decrease the load time by just 1 second you can increase your sales a lot. Most users don’t want to wait for more than 5 seconds to see if the website loads or not. So if other websites hosted on a server has low page speed load, you should not consider them. A2Hosting and Siteground are the best in providing best page load speed where your website can load very fast.

Customer Support: You might face different problems on your hosting server, in that case, you need a support from professionals. Always look for the hosting provider who offers live chat support and those who are quick in giving quick and perfect responses to your questions. Support agents must be knowledgeable and they must be willing to solve your problems. Fatcow and Siteground both are good in Customer support.

Free Backups and Website Transfer: In case of virus attacks or malware attack you need to restore your website’s backup. Obviously, you can’t have daily backups, so you might be looking at your hosting provider to keep the daily backups of your website. Hostgator is one hosting provider which is good in keeping daily backups of websites and they also offer free website transfer from your old hosting provider to Hostgator.

If the price is not a factor than Siteground is a good hosting provider with a limited resources to ensure the best performance for all the hosted websites. But if you want to get the best web hosting provider in a limited budget with good customer support and good uptime, then Hostgator could be your best choice. You can also find different coupons from the internet to further reduce the first time price on Hostgator. This is probably the biggest hosting provider and about 9 million websites are hosted on Hostgator. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your best-suited hosting provider that can meet the needs of your website.

How to buy a hosting account and how to register a domain name is explained in the video below:


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