Things to consider before buying iPhone 6S

Before you buy a phone, you must consider different things and you must be aware of your needs as well. You should know that why you are going to buy a phone what will be the main purpose and which feature is the most important one for you. After getting the answer of these questions, you have to select the best phone which fulfills your almost all needs within your budget. Or if you like a model by its shape or due to its brand name then you should also check if that can fulfill your basic needs after you have to finalize your decision.


For example I love the design and shape of iPhone 6S but before I buy that I have to get the answers of different questions and after that I will decide whether I should buy iPhone 6S or not.

Operating System

The most important thing which we consider when buying a mobile phone is its operating system. As we all know iPhone supports iOS so I should ask myself if I am comfortable with iOS or not? I have to study about it and check if my required applications are available on App store or not? Also, I should check if iOS interface is easy for me? As we know almost all the common application are available in App store so operating system won’t be an issue for me unless until I need a special custom application which is only available on Android and not for iOS then I have to think about it.

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Storage Space

Storage space plays the vital role when selecting a Smartphone. Most of the phones have option to expand storage by using an external micro SD card, but in case of iPhone there is no option to us external storage device. You can only select the variants like 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB etc. If I have a budget to buy a 32GB iphone 6S, I should ask myself is 32GB enough for iphone 6s? I have to see what data I need to store in my iPhone? I have to store just images and few applications then 32GB would be enough for me. Whereas if I need to record high quality videos or I need to store full HD movies in my phone than 32GB won’t be enough at all. In that case I should go for 128GB variant that can fulfill my needs of storage space. If I have to use the iPhone 6S for a long time and I don’t need to store movies and I don’t need to record videos thatn 32GB iPhone 6S would be enough for me as I can expand the memory to store photos using iCloud storage, or by using Dropbox.

Screen Size

While purchasing a Smartphone you should also check which screen size is best for you? If you are happy with 4.7” or 5.0” screen then iPhone 6S is best for you as it has 4.7” screen size but if you need bigger screen, then you have an option to buy iPhone 6S plus which has 5.6” screen size.


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